From Care Bears to My Little Pony

Jason definitely has a very interesting menagerie of tattoos. His latest tattoo by Pecka Lindahl of Pecka’s Tatueringkonst in Stersund, Sweden is no exception. I figured I’d post this one since everyone loved the Care Bears Sleeve, that you all would no doubt dig this guy.


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I’m going to the airport shortly to pick up the darling love of my life who would also probably love this tattoo. I’m going to try to get a couple posts up over the weekend but I’d rather spend the time I have with her playing, than stuck behind a computer. Thanks again for support BME! See you guys on Monday!

13 thoughts on “From Care Bears to My Little Pony

  1. HAHAHAH!!!! I love this ink, I wonder if the bones in the florescent puke are from smurfs?

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