Happy Weekend

joao_caldara sent in these photos of his adorable son, ThÈo. They’re in Petropolis,  Brasil which google tells me today does exist, it’s not just some evil villians hide away in some obscure comic. This is what I plan to do all weekend since I’ll be hanging out with my own little princess all week.


I’ve got to go back to laying on the floor playing with animals that eat people who eat fairies and continue to be the faerie protector and get all the snuggles I can. Catch up with you on Monday. If Monday’s posts are a little delayed, sorry about that, I’m just preoccupied. I also tend to try and update on East Coast time but I’ll figure it out on Monday.

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15 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

  1. Aww, how nice. Would be so weird to grow up with a modified dad. My dad, and a lot of my family, is very against modification for some reason. But fuck them!

  2. i wonder what kids who grow up with heavily modified parents think about bodymods. it is like ‘meh tattoos arent cool anymore, my mom has tons of them!’ obviously there will be kids who will grow up loving tattoos/piercings like their parents. but what about the other side of the coin? [i am typing outloud here]

  3. Maybe the kid will grow up thinking that tatts are a normal part of life and that’s it’s actually abnormal NOT to have tattoos. That’s how I think generally, cos every single one of my relatives is tattooed.

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