Tall tales

One of my favorite features on BME’s main site is the experience section. People contribute stories of their experiences with their own modifications, which are then reviewed by a panel of community members. If your story is really well written, then it may get featured. I’ve selected some recently featured experiences for your reading enjoyment.

A little taste of #2:

“I’ve come to tattooing perhaps way too early in life. In the years between my 14th and 18th birthdays I acquired between 10-12 (depending on how you look at it) tattoos with my parent’s approval. At that time I took tattoos to be a fashion statement rather then the form of personal express I now view them as many years later. Impulsive as a teen I made a few bad tattooing mistakes (Actually I just made a lot of mistakes in general). But one tattoo in particular was an experience that has affected me throughout my adult life.”

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10 thoughts on “Tall tales

  1. Hey, great to see that the BME experience section gets some well-deserved praise and attention!
    This was what brought me to the site at the very beginning, and I believe the’re an invaluable resource of education that’s an unrivaled asset of BME even today. And I’m feeling slightly guilty to not review as much as I used to….

  2. Bastian – As well you should. ;)

    Ru – We don’t correct people’s experiences. As long as they’re readable, we’ll post them. Not everyone speaks English as their first language, not everyone has the same education.

    The experiences that are featured are not always featured because they have the absolute most stellar grammar but rather because they’re interesting, unusual or just plain nice to read.

    anonymous_vamp1re – Is it sad that I remember the experience you’re referring to?

  3. gandy – Rusty nails are (sadly) not overly uncommon.

    Jen – how about this one: “She used a needle that I got from my desk. I assure you it was sanitary because she dipped it in peroxide.”
    Will we ever forget accidentally calling an author a retard in the reviewer’s comments?

  4. “Basically, when you go to the bathroom, pee in a mcdonalds paper ketchup cup that you get at the condiment station and pour it over your piercing.”

    “I was lead to their ‘piercing room’ where i saw a collage of a bunch of penises pierced and nipples (ya i know…made me feel very gross) on top of it they had this really loud hard rock screamo crap on where it was a recording of a guy puking”

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