22 thoughts on “Tres jolie!

  1. whoa. beautiful indeed. normally not a fan of scarification, let alone on the face, but this one works for me! not that it matters. 😉

  2. I believe it is a white ink tattoo not scarification. Shes a friend of mine, and though I haven’t seen her for a while I think she would have told me about facial scarification.

  3. Love love LOVE the white ink! It’s so subtle and simple, but gives a nice contrast with her grey work. I’ve been wondering, though, what is the lifespan for white ink tattoos?

    I’m really drawn to them, but how well do they fade? I’m worried that if I get a white ink tattoo on a part of my body that always sees the sun, it will disappear within a few years.

  4. Sisterlove – Actually, I believe I was referring to Seve being in Montreal. Any information posted with a submission is what was told to us by the person submitting, not made up at random. If Seve is not located in Montreal, my apologies to him but that was what the form said.

    Gally – Sunscreen? 🙂

  5. gally, i know people with white ink tattoos, they seam to last well but most have had them re-done every few years

  6. Aw, yay modblog!

    Seve was working at Imago Tattoo in Montreal but is now traveling… a great friend and an incredible artist who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with and getting tattooed by in various parts of North and South Amerika…

    the white bit on my forehead is just white pencil but i’ve been toying with the idea of handpoking it in white. I have some white linework on my neck which isn’t visible in these photos but has stayed nice and bright over the past 3 years… of course white ink turns a bit creamy yellow (like skin tone but lighter) which i love… it looks a lot like a scar but neater and flat… super fun to use for facial tattoos because it’s subtle and just glows in the sunlight…

  7. i wish ther were more women like this around they are so amazing to just look at
    but i guess it wouldent be as special if there were more areound

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