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Fist pumpin’ with the best of them.

We all have a thing we like to do that may or may not embarrass us if word got out that we did them. Well my thing is watching terrible TV shows on MTV, and it don’t get no worse than this show here. Its like watching a train wreck, its terrible but you can’t peel your eyes away.

In any case, I wanted to talk a little about my favorite “guido” in the house: Pauly D. He has so much going on with him it’ll make your head spin. He has a full arsenal of tattoos, has a penis piercing (although his website doesn’t specify which type) and he may or may not have suspended (in one of the episodes it looks like he is wearing hooks on a chain). That plus some of the other non-permanent modifications like the deep tan, perfect blow out and big oily muscles. This guy has it all!

Now I want to know, since I shared my secret with you, what is your dirty little secret indulgence?

More fist pumping action after the break

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The missing link

A lot of the time when you hear about the missing link in the evolutionary chain we think of monkeys, or in terms of taste/skin texture, pigs.

I present to you, the audience, the argument that we are, in fact, closer to cows. And here is proof. In the first image we see a cow with a hole punched into its side.


And, after the break, photo evidence of people living with similar holes in their bodies.

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Tall tales

One of my favorite features on BME’s main site is the experience section. People contribute stories of their experiences with their own modifications, which are then reviewed by a panel of community members. If your story is really well written, then it may get featured. I’ve selected some recently featured experiences for your reading enjoyment.

A little taste of #2:

“I’ve come to tattooing perhaps way too early in life. In the years between my 14th and 18th birthdays I acquired between 10-12 (depending on how you look at it) tattoos with my parent’s approval. At that time I took tattoos to be a fashion statement rather then the form of personal express I now view them as many years later. Impulsive as a teen I made a few bad tattooing mistakes (Actually I just made a lot of mistakes in general). But one tattoo in particular was an experience that has affected me throughout my adult life.”

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