Are you ready for some football?

I know I am. I used to actually kind of despise football, but as I got older I have started to appreciate it. Anyhow, I am planning ahead for a super bowl post full of football related mod work, so if you have any, shoot me an email.

In the mean time, Shannon here has the spirit. She may be sporting a Ravens  jersey, but I won’t hold that against her and you shouldn’t either.


PS: You think that Subincision I posted a few days ago must have hurt? You should try being a Redskins fan. That my friends is REAL PAIN.

21 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football?

  1. You should try being a Redskins fan. That my friends is REAL PAIN.

    Yep. The Saints tore them up a couple weeks ago. =D

  2. all of a sudden being a massive geek wears off and i find myself interested in sports….
    yum, sports.

  3. The Saints soooo did NOT tear them up!!!! We went into to overtime at 30 to 30, I wouldn’t call that tearing, I would call that jut squeaking by! Go REDSKINS! 🙁

  4. Hehe, we still won though. And until this last game, we were undefeated. But it’s ok. We will still win the superbowl. =D

  5. I’m from Minnesota. Um, Vikings? Brett Favre?

    I clearly can’t contribute to this conversation.

  6. haha i know AJ but i was born and raised as a Ravens fan. i do however hold a place for the eagles and im a die hard phillies phan! haha

  7. I did not know that BME is now a soft-porn website… Sorry but this photo does not show interesting Mods (or interesting thing at all)…just a young lascivious girl… wowo…………….

  8. dusk, they dont have to be “intresting” mods, she clearly has them and thats kinda the WHOLE point of BME

  9. no interesting mods? i see two rib tattoos, a hip tattoo, a navel piercing, and a lower navel microdermal that was done by me actually. soooo by my count, that would be 5 modifications right there.

    and shannon, how were you raised a ravens fan in south jersey? you’re like my boss who’s a vikings fan. how does that even happen? haha

    god damn right you’re a phillies phan! threepeat appearance in the world series in 2010 baby!

  10. haha i love you AJ.

    i was born in baltimore, my dad and older brother are die hard ravens fans,.. so ive adopted it as well.

    and to add to my ‘non-interesting mods’, YOU have done 4 of my microdermals, mics cartilage piercings, nipples etc. woo. misss you!

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