Testing the waters

I make jokes of things that upset me, that is how I deal with things and I know I am not alone in doing so. So when I saw uptown’s “Daddy, No!” tattoo, I shot her a message on IAM. I wanted to know if this was indeed her way of dealing with some horrific childhood experience, or if she just had a crude sense of humor.

She responded assuring me that there was “no deep rooted family stuff”. Apparently, she calls her boyfriend, Troy, “Daddy” and this was “just an amusing  idea” to her.


I think it’s quite amusing myself, although it may be a bit discouraging for Troy when he’s trying to get some oral. What do you guys think?

40 thoughts on “Testing the waters

  1. mmmmmmmmmm i like it when chicks call me DADDY…. but its even better when they call me MOMMY…

  2. If and when Troy is long gone and she marries I’m sure her husband would find the story behind it amusing too.

  3. Trust me, nothing discourages that man when it comes to oral.
    As far as my philtrum goes, Jenn, if you think it looks red/irritated you may just be seeing the beauty mark to its left in the photo. I used to wear a 4mm gemdisc to hide it but there really is no point hiding a part of me!
    And Client, disregarding the “Troy and I aren’t going to split and I won’t have a future husband if it’s not him” argument – How many times to you grab your wife’s lip and flip it inside out, looking for words?

  4. Perhaps with a bit of molestation she wouldn’t find it so funny.

    Sorry sorry, I know it’s her body but these things touch on raw nerves.

  5. Eh. It can be a sensitive thing but on the other side its in a place no one will see lest she specifically goes to show them, so I would wave a hand at the whole bring offensive to anyone thing – it’s not a hate tattoo, just a fun / kinky thing from what I’m guessing.

    Either way cheers to zara for making front page. Some awesome tattoos on that one. 😛


    And if you choose not to marry Troy, I will marry you; knowing full well that you have a lip tattoo in his honor. It would probably be the least of my deep seated jealousy issues stemming from you and Troy’s relationship.

    And Holly: In no way is molestation funny or something that should be joked about and it’s sad that we live in a world where we automatically associate “Daddy, No!” with something so horrible. But I find the statement “Perhaps with a bit of molestation she wouldn’t find it so funny.” pretty fucked up.

    Everyone has their own story. You don’t know hers and I don’t know yours. So although it may have hit a nerve, it is taking the meaning of the tattoo completely out of context. And I don’t think throwing around statements like that is at all necessary.

  7. Eh, I have a hard time getting down with the humor in stuff like this, it honestly makes my stomach feel a bit sick, but that’s because of my own experiences/knowledge/whatever. At least it’s on her inner lip and not somewhere where she’d have to explain it constantly, as I’d imagine that would get pretty annoying for her. Normally I wouldn’t join in the chorus of naysayers but hey, Sean asked what we thought.

  8. It’s probably not, well it’s not at all necessary really but the fact that someone knows what meaning this tattoo will have to anyone who doesn’t know this story and still has it seems fucked up to me. Anyway, like h3llc4t said, it’s in her inner lip so it’s not something anyone else will even see. I’m not ever going to make much sense on this subject and i’m probably just being over sensitive so i’ll just leave it at ‘personally, i think it’s a really awful tattoo’.

  9. Personally I think it’s SUPER creepy to call your boyfriend or whatever “daddy”. But that’s just me.

    I’m impressed with how legible it is though since the letters are pretty small

  10. HA! your all really too sensitive (mostly holly) i know plenty of girls who call there lovers/boyfriends “DADDY”…
    shit, i call my husband “GOD” and its always really funny when someone notices ….

  11. Perhaps ii’m pretty adverse to it because no one i know no one who would ever dream of calling their partners daddy? Although I did have a friend who was dating a med student and he insisted on her calling him Dr Drew during those intimate times 🙂

  12. Brandon and Leia: Thanks, I love you too.

    I do agree that a lot of you are being oversensitive. This isn’t a pro-molestation tattoo, it’s not a swastika, it’s not “kill all niggers” inside my lip. It’s a personal decision I made that shouldn’t offend anyone else, as it is not offensive material.

    It’s mostly fallen out now, though it is still readable. After the 6-week healing period, I will definitely be getting this touched up.

  13. yeah you’d be hard pressed to find any chicks here in Australia that call their boyfriends/husbands ‘daddy’…. that’s creepy as…

  14. 19: What? Speaking for the whole country there? I really wouldn’t take on that responsibility. I totally know people in this country who call their partners “Daddy”.

  15. Personally, in my opinion, if you’re calling your boyfriend “daddy” there is some messed up family stuff. I’m sure calling your boyfriend daddy while he bangs you and you keep screaming daddy stop say a lot.

  16. Like I said, there isn’t any “messed up family stuff.”

    Get over yourself, you don’t know me or my family. Insulting my father or the relationship I have with him has nothing to do with the sex I have with the man I love.

  17. I can’t believe how offended some of you are getting over this choice of words. I was under the impression that “daddy” was not really that uncommon as far as dirty talk was concerned. I didn’t think when the term was used in a sexual manner the majority of the users were actually thinking about their fathers. I thought at most it was a sexual ego booster for the person the term was aimed at. Hey, whatever gets your rocks off. But you’re right, Holly, she deserves to be molested for getting that tattoo. That’s not near as fucked up as the tattoo itself. Just because it isn’t you’re bag of chips don’t look down on her because shes into it.

  18. come on people, you know this can be read as a reference to sexualized (childhood) violence, even if it wasn’t mainly intended as such. people may still be living with the effects of the trauma caused by their own experiences (or maybe they’re just really empathetic towards other people who had these kind of experiences), so it’s just really fucking assholish and inconsiderate to tell them “you’re just too sensitive, gtf over it”

  19. Just for the sake of the argument going on here, let’s say that it *was* about molestation (which Zara has clearly stated it wasn’t, repeatedly). Ya know what? I’m still cool with it. Because if you can’t find humor in even the most grim, fucked up things in life, then life is going to kill you. Either laugh at some of the black humor, or go on a shooting rampage in a random McDonalds; your choice.

  20. Oh my god, you guys. Panties in a twist over calling a lover “Daddy”??? Do any of you call your lovers “Baby”? I’d say that’s even more fucked up if we’re going be gurning over word choices, wouldn’t you? Same thing, IMO.
    The tattoo is hysterical knowing Troy and Zara. 😛 Nothing but love, friends!

  21. haha, that’s funny. weird part is after i saw that this morning i was on the bus and i heard a little girl say that to her dad, lol.

  22. If jokes about child abuse aren’t funny, tell that to the producers of Freddy Got Fingered.

  23. A couple of people have made their opinion based on other peoples feelings. Like she shouldn’t have it because OTHER PEOPLE might be offended because of their own personal experiences. What if someone got raped with a baseball bat. Does that mean that no one should ever get a baseball bat tattooed on them, because it might bring up a sore spot to that person? Do what makes you feel good, if it bothers someone else, well they can avoid you then.

  24. I agree with CoryVictorious! Seriously, isn’t that why we all get tattooed..because we want to!! Because it’s something that defines us from the rest..sets us apart from those who are too scared to do what they want with their bodies. Because society tells them not too. Get over it..stop being so close minded!

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