Microdermals, the go ANYWHERE body piercing option.

I figure with everyone’s questions about the anal tattooing and it’s risk of infection, now is a great time to post this female “taint” microdermal.

Will it survive in such a moist, and potentially dirty area? Will it  hold in such soft tissue, especially with the abuse it may take from daily activity, much less sexual activity?  I suppose only time will answer those questions.
For a better look and information on the piercer who did the work, please click through.
The microdermal and piercings were done by Cooley of Lucky Draw Tattoo in Glendale, AZ.

77 thoughts on “Microdermals, the go ANYWHERE body piercing option.

  1. Ow.
    Ow ow ow.

    I would totally get one of these. Dermal punches freak me out though… I always expect they’ll hurt more than they really do.

  2. See, I disagree with the “go anywhere option” theory. Yes, in theory they can be put anywhere- then again can a body piercing- but, any area that there’s a lot of friction, movement, moisture, elastic skin (and the things mentioned) will greatly reduce the success of these “piercings”. Problem is that some piercers tell their microdermal clients that these things rarely (and sometimes never) reject and there couldn’t be anything farther from the truth. They are just like a piercing in the sense that even with proper aftercare and placement that environmental issues can cause failure in healing.

    Let’s not even get into removal!

  3. I can say with confidence that this stands a very small chance of surviving. But someone has to try, so kudos to her.

  4. the fourchette has always been my favorite both aesthetically and functionality(male perspective). however, their has always been complications due to rough sex. even not so rough. i hope this one stays put, it looks really pretty and very hot.

    i hate when ian mckowns take things WAY too seriously. live a little.

  5. I find it very interesting that the pussy negative posts – #1 & #6 are from women. Her labia are sexy as hell, fucking beautiful, and as a woman who appreciates beauty I don’t feel the need to come out and attack her for having the guts to show her bare ass on the internet. Shame on you #1 & #6. It’s women like you who set the rest of us back 20 years.

    If more women weren’t ashamed of their pussies maybe you girls would feel more secure with your own.

  6. @ Ian Mckown, I have heard several medical professionals use the term ‘taint’ probably because they know their patients won’t understand perineum and/or because it has engtered the common lexicon. It is by no means purely juvenile but rather most effective for communication at this point. Lighten up.

  7. I have a great idea. Let’s take a piercing that’s highest rejection issue is from getting it caught on things or banged around too much and put it in an area where you’ll constantly be scraping it with every trip to the washroom…….and with feces, to boot.

  8. Lets just stick with Girly Bits. They are gorgeous, and I hope that her subdermal lasts. It’s not common, and I think it’s hot. Along with her other piercings… very hot. She’s got a lot of kudos from me.

  9. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…

    ZARA: You DONT need to use a dermal punch to install a surface anchor. If that’s what you’re wierded out by, have no fear sweetie!

    This is interesting. I wonder if it will pop out sooner than intended…micros are so sensitive to pressures and irritations…

  10. @ 9 – when I read posts 1 and 6, I didn’t think they were negative…number one I just took to be a factual statement…if my (female) friend that has size 11 feet saw a girl with bigger feet and said something similar, I wouldn’t take it to be negative. As for 6, I suppose it could be said that statement is “immature”, but I thought it was just a joke. I think that those comments were open for interpretation (since tone of voice and facial expression can’t be seen over text). I find it very interesting that you not only assumed those comments were negative, but actually said shame on you to the people that wrote those comments.

  11. rather silly people think the guy with the heavily tattooed face needs to “lighten up”… haha. I just hate people who dumb shit down for a laugh

  12. The amount of trolling in this post is incredible. Let’s focus on the “girly bits” here, shall we?

    In my opinion, the microdermal along with the other piercings are very attractive. If the microdermal stays put, I’ll give this woman a round of applause.

    Very attractive “girly bits,” dear. You should feel good about yourself.

  13. I completely agree with lucyfurr66. The posts saying things like “beef curtains” are immature, disrespectful and just completely unnecessary.

    SS: it’s one thing to comment on her labia, maybe notice they are large. But to simply say “beef curtains” is definitely offensive.

  14. usually the only people that complain about people saying ” beef curtains” are the people that are self conscious of their “beef curtains”

  15. To add onto what the lizardman said… the human language changes everyday. If enough people say “ain’t” it goes in the dictionary. If enough people refer to something with a certain word, well that becomes another acceptable word. I’m sure it’s even in dictionarys and medical dictionaries by now…

  16. i was not trying to be negative, i was just excited. and i am not immature per say, i am schizophrenic… so a lot of things i say are taken the wrong way. but its ok, i am use to people either not listening to be , or getting offended when i share my thoughts….

  17. *cough cough*

    did ian mcknown just get fucking schooled by the lizardman? im just saying…if i got corrected by one of the most badass people on the planet….id feel pretty foolish. but THATS just me.

    P.S. sexy labia and nice TAINT microdermal.

  18. Ugh, I would constantly worry about the abuse that area suffers. Bacteria, foreign as well as her own, rough tissue, what she does when she bathes, underwear, etc. As well as future complications if she chooses to have a child. Perhaps it’s my personal fear of being “torn open” during childbirth, but I don’t totally understand why anyone would want to add more of a chance of that happening.

    It’s a neat idea and there always has to be a first person to try this, so I commend her, but I doubt it will last very long.

  19. @Zip – it’s “veritable” (an adj used to intensify a metaphor), not “variable” O.o;;

  20. Q: Oh, you wanna know how it think it looks?
    A: I’d go for some R&R in that basement any day given, weren’t I involved.

    Q: Oh, you also wanna know what I, who normally sees and points out the bad things first, in everything, think of the previous statements?
    A: A bad case of the thursday’s.

    Give it a rest folks, and let’s enjoy the view, as well as the end of 2009/the beginning of 2010.

  21. Oh come on those are NOT huge labia. Don’t tell me you guys have only ever seen photos of pussylips that have been chopped down by plastic surgery? It seriously disturbs me that people think normal female genitals = no hair and labia so short that the actual vagina is practically open-air. This is a website about people modifying themselves to highlight their uniqueness as individuals and we’re going along with a mainstream idea of what a pussy is *supposed* to look like?

    (Waris Dirie and several other anti-genital-cutting advocates have pointed out that the West is going the way of Africa, albeit that the pressure is on teenage girls and and adult women to do it to themselves rather than on mothers to do it to their daughters. And I’m not blaming this all on the men either because I’m talking about peer pressure by women to follow fashions too.)

  22. Hahhaha
    I’m just glad that the post with the vagina has comments by Ian. Not surprised. Also, I agree with Ian, everyone gets caught up on this website with every other time someone uses incorrect terminology unless if its posted in a comment. But suddenly “taint” which is some word invented by some stoner bro or some shit gets mentioned in a posting title by someone who runs ModBlog its all cool.

    Its okay, cause I’m sure the girl with the “taint” piercing also has really big “gauges”.

    In regards to that whole endeavor though, with actually having an anchor there, I almost feel embaressed for her, and how terrible its gonna look when it becomes infected, or the bullshit she’s gonna have to go through when its removed.

  23. nobody looks exactly the same and who REALLY cares about the size of her labia?
    i think the piercings looks great, however whether it will stay or not is an issue, as previously stated the movement of the area and other factors may cause it to reject.


  24. When will people learn correct usage of the term “vagina”? You are all so caught up on the word “taint”, but you are seemingly not concerned by the women here who are seemingly unable to differentiate between “vulva” and “vagina”. Seriously, ladies, you need some anatomy lessons!

  25. lol fighting over words on a body modification site hehehe

    people will use different words, as Ru said, it changes all the time, if plenty of people use a word sooner or later it’ll pick up, i.e. “gauges” someone started using “gauge” as the word for stretched lobe piercings, and/or the jewellery. yeah it sucks but deal with it.

    as for the microdermal, while i doubt it will last, it looks cool for now, and heck at least she tried.

  26. “did ian mcknown just get fucking schooled by the lizardman? im just saying…if i got corrected by one of the most badass people on the planet….id feel pretty foolish. but THATS just me.”

    that is just you. I didn’t get “corrected”, he just gave a good explanation why the average Joe is incapable of using correct terminology….. because they are morons. If you call that being schooled, you must have lived a pretty sheltered life.

  27. I have been doing dermal anchors coming up one 4 year in the next few months and we started with bending notril screws to form a hook. I can tell you as long as she is hygenic AND has some luck it will probably stay. I and had great sucess having them seated firmly in the tissue is genital areas. And removal is not that bad sir.

  28. I think it looks lovely all of it. I hope it heals well. & if it does make its way out I hope the wound won’t get infected.

    It always amuses me how different all ladies PUSSIES look. Just like finger prints.

  29. wow, are there people on here complaining about this girls vagina?? seriously, what do you look for in a vagina? Guys, get the dick out of your mouths and grow up. This vagina looks awesome!

  30. Brian #12-Are you bagging on it because it’s an Anchor or the area? Bc if it’s just the Anchor, you’re an idiot…think of how many other piercings go in that area and risk that.

    I like her girly bits! =] My Labia isn’t tiny either…but the only reason I would ever get surgery to trim down is because of discomfort. I give her brownie points for showing it though. I don’t exactly have the balls to do that. But have never had a guy complain. I’d really like to see a guy fuck her and then complain about her genitalia…females can be MUCH more harsh about that sort of thing then men. If a man ever complained about my girly bits I’d just say something about his. I think things like that tend to stick in men’s head more then women’s…but that just might be my opinion

  31. i want mas vaginas on these paginas!

    [more vaginas on these pages but it sounds better that way]

  32. ^^ Wickedgame6: I think he’s bagging on BOTH, because BOTH are issues that will likely cause it to reject or something similar. Anchors are incredibly sensitive to pressures/snagging/physical irritation. And she put the damn thing right smack dab in a spot where that will probably happen on a very regular basis, not to mention the fact that it’s in the tiny little strip between the vaginal opening and the asshole where various juices and fecal matter can get stuck for who knows how long.

    Sure, this could be comparable to the fourchette piercing, but anchors behave much differently, and I’m gonna just guess that this isn’t a 10g anchor…which is what provides stability and functionality to most genital piercings…

    Maybe she has a bidet?

  33. I think this looks cool, and I wish her the best of luck and successful healing. Not something I would ever get myself, but kudos to her for trying it.

    And I’m gonna echo what #10 and #37 said. I used to be self conscious about my labia when I was younger. I guess I was embarrassed about being more of a “hill” than a “valley” haha. But after discovering BME, seeing pictures of genitalia of all kinds, and getting my VCH piercing I know now that was foolish on my part. I never had anything to be embarrassed of! I don’t know why a lot of women grow up with this notion that female genitals are inherently “gross” or “ugly”, or that they have to look one specific way to be attractive, but it makes me angry.

  34. Tiff – I know, right? I am always really confused and concerned about women not knowing what their anatomy is called, or where their clitoris is. If you know nothing about your own genitals, how can you expect someone else to know?

  35. I have seen a LOT of labia in my day, and I’d say those look perfectly normal. WTF people. Its a gorgeous pussy with some neat metal in it. For once, turn off your brains for a second and let your genitals appreciate some lovely eye candy.

  36. in regard to #33, its always REALLY weird to me when I read comments like that. Not every single woman in the world wants to have a child. I’m sure if this woman had any plans for a baby in her near future, she would have taken that in to consideration. And if she does have a child I’m also certain the doctor would insist on removal way before she was close to 9 months, so that shouldn’t be around come baby time. Stop assuming every woman on the world wants a child! Times are changing!

  37. No 52 (I think it was)
    You might be onto something
    With a bidet and a hairdryer to keep it dry it may actually heal.
    (How’s that for a mental image, guys?)
    All piercings had to start with someone going “what If I…”
    It willbe interesting to see how it turns out

  38. Thank you #51. #49, my guess is this may heal well if she decides to lay in bed on her stomach for the next 6 months without moving. Microdermals rarely work out in areas under constant pressure or in situations when they are snagged often (or even once badly enough). That would make walking, sitting, and wiping less than favorable in this instant, however also unavoidable.

  39. I can only imagine how painful this was to get…i dunno about the other girls on bme but my “taint” is pretty darn sensitive

  40. @59, THANK you. I see so many comments on here re: female genital/nipple mods along the lines of “BUT WHAT IF SHE HAS A BABY, OH NO,” and it saddens me that the first thing some people seem to think when they see “woman” is “baby machine.”

  41. Personally, I think this is a mighty fine VULVA. I would consider myself honored to press my labia against hers. Hope the anchor works out. I know the two on my sternum can get a bit red if I sleep on my side due to being rather chesty, but nothing serious.

  42. Perhaps she is fully aware of the risk of rejection and it is only temporary, perhaps it isan experiment to see how long it will last, perhaps she uses a bidet.

    I love the look of it.

  43. When it comes to any gential piercing, there’s always risk for infection. Simply with all the bacteria..if we weren’t able to heal in that area..than no one would be getting pierced. Kudos for her for showing off what she has!!

    As for #14… I can only shake my head and wonder who you are…maybe you know who I am? I ended up leaving something I was passionate about because of that piercing. It opened doors to somethings and closed doors to others.

  44. I can’t really see any possible way that would actually heal…..the moisture, friction, and exposure to bacteria would have that doomed from the start.

  45. My best friend has labia at least twice the size… She got her clit pierced and let me tell you, it’s the most gorgeous flowery looking piercing/labia combo I’ve ever seen… Labia are beautiful!
    Seeing this makes me wish I had the kind of anatomy that would support piercings like hers. Maybe not the microdermal, but everything else… I guess the grass is always greener?

  46. taint:
    The area between the nutsack and asshole that prevent a man from shitting on his nuts. See durf.
    If it wasn’t for the taint, my nuts would reek of poo!

  47. im the one who did the piercing and its over a month old now. she called the other day and said its healed great and she like more.. i to was curious about the healing but to my surprise its doing fine.. lets see in a year how it does..

  48. no it will not last. i three dermals on my sternum that were placed too low and i have fairly large breasts. with all the agitation because of smothering and sweating they only last about one year/ year and a half, and were constantly getting irritated, swollen, infected. i can’t imagine a dermal between your buttcheeks, basically, will end any better

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