Jellyfish Lips

The vast majority of lip tattoos that I’ve seen consist of a single word or initials in black ink, with the occasional small symbol added for emphasis.  Then there are the exceptions, just like this jellyfish lip that Jonas from Hayd Tattoo in Schramberg, Germany did.  For a location that traditionally is used with a minimalistic design, to see a full color piece is a great change of pace.

You can check out the full sized image, as well as more lip tattoos, in the lip tattoo gallery.

Testing the waters

I make jokes of things that upset me, that is how I deal with things and I know I am not alone in doing so. So when I saw uptown’s “Daddy, No!” tattoo, I shot her a message on IAM. I wanted to know if this was indeed her way of dealing with some horrific childhood experience, or if she just had a crude sense of humor.

She responded assuring me that there was “no deep rooted family stuff”. Apparently, she calls her boyfriend, Troy, “Daddy” and this was “just an amusing  idea” to her.


I think it’s quite amusing myself, although it may be a bit discouraging for Troy when he’s trying to get some oral. What do you guys think?

Dear Modblog

I was sitting here, reading through comments mostly from people wishing that my illness would kill me, instead of nice thoughts and well wishes from people who would understand that a severe disabling illness is hard to come to grips with. I found this tattoo and at first I thought it said “Stay Classy” which would have been way too perfect considering the circumstances. So thank you to radical kiba for the almost perfectly timed inner lip tattoo. This sweet tattoo was done by Bobby from Crazy Monkey Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. I definitely think I know what my next tattoo will be.

Inner Lip Tattoo

Till tomorrow Modblog, Stay Cold.

Crazy Llamas

International man of mystery Craig Coupal checks in with these fancy new inner lip tattoos by Marty Lacombe, one of the fine artists at North Bay’s Live Once Tattoo. It really is interesting what hangs around in the ether and becomes something resembling a cultural institution, isn’t it? No offense intended to Messrs. Kutcher or Scott, nor to the gentlemen pictured above—it’s just funny, is all. And really, more than anything else, we’re just glad that these men of such varying backgrounds hair colors could put aside their many, many differences and come together for this joyous occasion.

Power Beyond Imagination

You know what the grand irony here is? That lip tattoo is almost 900 years old. True story. Now, I’m not saying Technodeamon is definitely a Highlander, but…Technodeamon is definitely a Highlander. That said, immortal or not, the turquoise-shirt-and-zebra-tie ensemble is sure as hell doing it for me. Fresh, indeed.

It’s already Thursday, ModBloggers! Time flies when you’re looking at BattleDongs. But hey, we’ve both been very brave.

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