I am NOT ok with a full page of post with not even one sexy lady on it!

So, I sent my lovely wife, Rianne, on a mission to find me a beautiful lady on IAM that would be modblog worthy. I think she did a damn fine job by finding this great picture of Annie taken by the talented Helena Grier.


For more great pictures of Annie, be sure to check out her IAM page!

15 thoughts on “I am NOT ok with a full page of post with not even one sexy lady on it!

  1. saw these pics when she first posted them.. I thought they were rather boring. all I could think was that someone thought it’s be brilliant to go down to the La Quinta Inn and take some pics.. meh

  2. @ 2

    I just recently spent a couple days at a La Quinta inn outside of New Orleans and Tampa Bay, I wish that either one of them had something remotely as nice as that tub in them.

  3. Wow, negative comments much? There’s really no pleasing some people. Suzy you may want to invest in some glasses.

    Annie, my fave south African girl, gorgeous <3

  4. Wow, people are strange. There is none of the hmm interesting chest piercings … which btw are NOT dermal anchors.

    Anyway, wait til you see her sleeve which is half done at the mo…

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