Could he BE any happier?

Cory looks like the happiest man on Earth as he suspends while holding his hot little felony of a girlfriend. I figure the only thing that could make him more happy is seeing this picture featured here on his birthday.


94 thoughts on “Could he BE any happier?

  1. Happy Birthday Cor, congrats to you and Ellen for making it on modblog … happiness and love to both of you!

  2. Thanks sean for putting this up, Mandic for taking the picture (my gf and I absolutely loved this one, it was perfectly timed) and everyone else for the birthday wishes!

  3. where i come from, we gotta few choice terms for dudes in there twenties that have sixteen year old girlfriends.

  4. its o.k. not to date little girls. maybe if you were 17, 18 yourself it wouldn’t turn my stomach so much. but your not… i’ll keep a look out for you on “to catch a predator”. sorry if this is harsh. she is certainly illegal in my state, and having been through the prison system and seeing some fucked up related crimes i am now a firm believer that there is no sacrifice to large when it comes to protecting children.

  5. What’s up with modblog passing statutory rape off as a joke? Yeah, the age is close, but fuck, it’s still illegal, and not in that “it’s just weed” kinda way. Zip’s spot on with this being stomach turning.

  6. 16 and 22 really aren’t that close. If she were 18 and he was 24, that would be a different story, but that’s not the case here. I can’t believe no one else even mentioned this the SECOND this post was up? It is not my place to judge and I am not by any means, but I do not believe that something like this, especially saying ‘hot little felony of a girlfriend’ should be paraded on ModBlog like a joke. It is not a joke, it is illegal and disgusting.

  7. You don’t know they’re doing anything. And they love each other, as far as I can tell by her own will. Their relationship isn’t your business then. I do agree Modblog’s phrasing isn’t the best.

  8. Even 18 and 24 are off. People wishing them love and luck are just as bad. Do I want to see relationships fail? No. But am I going to encourage or support this kinda shit? Fuck no. This shouldn’t be applauded or celebrated or encouraged, this should be reported.

    The trend in society to accept large age differences in couples is fucking disgusting. Sure, some people are more mature than others, but seriously, how much can you truly have in common with a child as an adult, and even more, how can that child turn you on and you find it okay?

  9. this is totally not worth fighting over, cory honestly doesnt need to hear it either i cant even begin to tell you how many times him and i have delt with this. my parents are okay with it and so are his. so please just drop it? im glad you all have opinons but keep them to yourself if your gonna get this mean.. this wasnt so you all could go bash him. this was for his birthday, something that was suppose to be positive. thanks.

  10. sean and his wife are both adults. and sorry ellen in my book, children are most certainly worth fighting over. the law is never a matter of opinion. and even if it were opinion, there is no grey area here. this is very morally black and white. and good looks on mentioning the parental situation… that alone should feed this debate another 5 comments at least.

  11. I am currently in a relationship with someone ten years older than myself. But, if I were currently 16, and this person was currently 26, he would not be in my life, regardless of our ‘connection’ or any attraction present. I would not be attracted to him, I would think he was a creepy fucking pervert. HE would not be attracted to me, because he would know I was a child. There is a difference…

  12. Yeah, I do believe 18 and 24 are off. Fuck, I believe 18 and 21 are off. There are certain things in life, milestones if you will, that do cross lines. Just because someone is 18 doesn’t make them instantly mature and responsible. Just because someone is 21 doesn’t mean they should instantly be allowed to drink. Life is more than numbers, and I’ll accept that, but as you get older, experience more, and move forward, you should be doing it with someone who can with you, not someone who its illegal to do it with, and I’m not even talking about sex here.

    I mean shit, she can’t even see an R rated movie alone, and you think its okay to be involved with her?

    Regardless of my own personal opinions on age differences and the like, laws are in fact being broken, and no matter “how in love” you may be, its still creepy and disgusting.

  13. eh… whatever. its not like you are my daughter or sister, rest assured this wouldn’t be a situation if you were. i take comfort in knowing that there are thousands of state inmates that are more then willing to pick up the slack on the millions of sex offenders that slip through the judiciary cracks. what the state wont handle, state inmates will. rest easy taxpayers.

  14. If my daughter brought home a 24 year old guy at 16…
    you’d never be able to find the corpse… honestly. no bueno.

  15. i called him a skinner. that is the proper term for someone who has sex with underage girls. he is in a relationship with a minor. that is illegal in all the states i’ve been to. these are all facts. whats not to understand ralex?

  16. Facts…Ellen, you are a child, regardless of your parents consent legally you are a minor.

    Cory, you are violating a child.

    I am disgusted by this modblog…

    another Fact Ralex, Cory is a sex offender, by law…Fact.

  17. I don’t normally comment on modblog or modblog comment fights, but this hits close to home so I am commenting.

    Cory: I am totally in support of you and your girlfriend. My husband is 23 and I am 18, he’s almost but not quite six years older than me. What all of you shit talkers fail to realize is that every single person is different. Some teenagers are idiots, but some aren’t. What you’re doing is wasting time gossiping and talking shit about two people who appear to me to be mentally stable and equally consenting when there are even younger girls out there being raped by family members or friends or having sex with forty-something-year-old’s. Six years is not that big of a difference. In ten years no one will give a fuck, and at this point it isn’t much of a difference. If they were younger, perhaps. But what you have to understand is that males mature slower than females – pick up any psychology book or medical text on adolescence and it will say the same. So in reality, a relationship in which the man is older puts both parties on a more equal level emotionally and mentally. The only difference is Cory can go buy cigarettes or booze. Less than a century ago relationships with this age difference and even greater ones were completely normally and accepted. What’s the difference now? Have we just gotten stupider? It should be evident enough that because both of their parents have accepted their relationship that you of all people, strangers on the internet, should just fuck off. If you go to read on Cory’s girlfriends’ page, their parents don’t sound like deadbeat losers, they sound like genuinely concerned family, so this fact is even more reassuring.

    The most disappointing thing about this is that as modified people we constantly complain about being judged and stereotyped by our looks. Well folk, you’re doing the exact same thing, judging based solely on age which is the exact same thing. Why don’t you stop being hypocrites and get to know people before you start calling names. I’m very disappointing and quite honestly ashamed to be associated with people who will bitch about one thing then turn around and do it to others. Get a life.

  18. Lol, anybody in that position of happiness is going to understand hun, not many other people though.
    Myself having been in many wonderful (AND sexual, duh) relationships before I turned 18 makes it perfectly clear from my perspective that your only a child if you act like one.
    I’m 19 now and will never regret any of the decisions I made as stupid or foolish.

    Don’t listen to what anybody has to say about your relationship other then you and your man okay? Stay strong.
    Oh, and keep creating awesome pictures and moments like this, they rock!
    *high five*

  19. I really doubt that Ellen gives a fuck what any of you have to say, so get that tight wad of anger out of your ass stop acting like your opinion matters in HER.
    I mean really, its her own damn choice, and shes already pretty much told you guys to fuck off, so I suggest you do.

  20. Also, everyone who keeps repeating that this is a crime: a 16-year-old girl can legally marry a man of any age with parental consent in the United States. Did you consider that? It makes the law saying that an 18-year-old having sex with a 16-year-old is wrong sound pretty dumb when that 16-year-old could be marrying a 40-year-old, doesn’t it?

  21. When I was 15 I dated a 19 year old, and I even see now how wrong it is now. We were at least in high school together, but I just don’t know. I did the whole abortion, parents finding out, charging him with statuatory rape, us begging them to drop charges, him being banned from being near me or else he would go to jail for at least 9 months for every sexual “offense,” and us sneaking after that to still date. It was stupid. I was in love. Did I know it then? No. Do I take it back? Not necessarily, but I do hate that it happened. Some things you are ONLY going to get by experience. My decisions back then still affect me everyday.
    However, it hurt. I hope nothing too terrible results from this. I’m not necessarily sure there is a huge difference in maturity level in this relationship though, insult or not. I don’t know.
    I’m torn.
    I’m dating a MUCH older man right now. And I sort of hate it, but whatever.
    “Hot little felony of a gf” though? Not okay. We have enough legal issues at the moment as is. I don’t want BME or IAM in any more trouble.

  22. i love how your all assuming him were sleeping together, please stop acting like you know our relationship because not one of you can should be able to say anything about it cause you honestly dont know us. i really would like it if you guys could be mature about this now and end it. im ending this now.

  23. Like she said. If you have that much of a problem with this, I’m not going to be checking this anymore, so any of this stuff that you feel the need to say to me can be PM’ed to me over IAM. I honestly don’t have a problem having this conversation with you, I just think it would be better to be done person to person. Thanks.

  24. Oh please, you are soooo fucking. No 23 year old would be with a 16 year old if he wasn’t getting some sweet, tender, under age pussy.

  25. in face, I don’t really even understand why a 16 year old was allowed to sit in on a suspension?

  26. didnt i just say be mature and stop? honestly. go complain about others peoples lives somewhere else.

  27. oh let it fucking go people. dont you have enough in your own lives to worry about other than shitting all over these two. live and let live. shes fine and obviously the parents are involved if you have even bothered to read her iam. move on and worry about your own problems.

  28. Oh no. I haven’t been in that forum in a while but I know what it means for sex to be mentioned there. Ewwwwww

  29. OMG the insanity here is overwhelming.

    I’m sure it’s safe to assume the majority of the people posting here had sex before “legally” allowed. So it’s obviously not a sex issue.

    Also, it seems that the popular consensus (among negative posters) is that it’s “disgusting”, “wrong”, whatever because Ellen’s a “child”. Really? It’s a fucking number, people. She’s 2 years away from the “legal” age. Step out of your fucking shells for a moment and think about the people you’ve encountered in your lives…I’m sure you’ve met many 30 year olds who shouldn’t be considered adults and many “children” who are more mature than the “adults” you encounter on a daily basis. So it seems that we can also take the maturity aspect off the table.

    It’s so fucking sad to see such judmental bullshit on this site…a community for people who deal with dickwads every day because of choices they’ve made. They’re doing what makes them happy and, in the end, that’s all that matters.

  30. Take a look at this:

    In MOST OF THE WORLD, if they’re having sex, it’s totally cool. They’re not having sex in this picture (in fact, the only part of her that’s unclothed in this picture is her head and hands, assuming ‘gloves don’t count’), so there’s nothing any of us have to say one way or another that they’re, in fact, breaking the law. Assuming just makes you an asshole.

    This whole argument feels like it’s just people shit talking Cory, and, if that’s the case, do it in private; what they’re doing is here perfectly legal.

  31. Thanks for interjecting that Matney X. The “hot little felony” remark was a joke about her iam name “jailbait”. The state says it’s legal and they are happy. I don’t see the problem.I don’t think I have met her, but she has to me more mature than Cory, maybe we should be harassing her for taking advantage of him :)

  32. Sean, I’m not trying to pass judgment on you or the post, just trying to enlighten people in the comments, who are trying to say Cory’s breaking the law without actually KNOWING that he’s breaking the law (which, he isn’t).

    Considering the 31:19 State ratio on whether their relationship is legal or not, it’s surprising that so many people will speak up saying it’s wrong. At least now we know it’s just morals speaking.

  33. what is with all the people on their moral high horses? Last i checked, if your gonna call someone a sex offender, they do have to be charged with an actual conviction? otherwise, that does constitute as defamation, which is also a serious crime. i thought people on here had respect for peoples personal choices? Some people are being rather lame…

  34. Matney – I think sean was thanking you for quieting everyone, and I’d like to thank you too. It sure did get awful quiet after you pointed that out.

    Siren – Why wouldn’t a 16 year old be allowed to watch a suspension? I would really love to know where in the world there is a law that they can’t view that. I was watching suspensions on tv when i was 11.

  35. “Considering the 31:19 State ratio on whether their relationship is legal or not, it’s surprising that so many people will speak up saying it’s wrong. At least now we know it’s just morals speaking.”

    Laws are someone’s morals there champ. Why do you think they all differ…

  36. @Ru #68

    It’s true, laws are just a mass moral judgement; I just meant it’s funny that so many people think 18 is the age of consent, when it’s 16-or-younger in the majority of places.

  37. WELL.. I like the picture that was posted for Cory’s birthday! I love how happy Cory looks and I bet Ellen has a big smile on her face as well :)

    Ellen, I can understand why people are being dicks. You do have pretty explicit pictures on your profile.. the side boob action and all… that’s a big part of why BME has lawsuits because of minors posting pictures like that… BUT please do not think I am attacking you. I am not saying OMFG blah.. it’s your life. You do whatever you like and the power to you! That’s the beauty of BME! Take opinions or toss em. No sweat!

    As for Ru, I love how you have such an issue with their ages. Yet, you support bringing back the swastika. That’s fine, but if you support bringing back that symbol and have a problem with their age gap.. you seriously need to get your priorities fixed.

  38. In response to post #66:

    When you were watching these suspension shows on TV when you were 11, were you cuddled up next to an 8 year old?

  39. Something that really surprises me that was missed here… Of you who are on here defending this, how many are piercer’s? Of those of you, how often do you pierce 16 year old girls, or guys, genitals or nipples? I’m assuming the answer is none. How come? Most everywhere allows a minor to be pierced with parental consent, yet I am betting it is safe that you still say no. I’m curious as to why you’d say no, but then turn around and support something like this.

    Furthering on Dustin’s comment, and taking into account the argument that age is just a number, is it okay at 16 to be in a relationship with a 9 year old? 18 with an 11 year old? 21 with a 14 year old? No? But hey, 23 and 16 are fine, right?

  40. well.. we aren’t really I don’t give two shits what people do.. but Cory.. you made it pretty well known what you were doing… Not only are you 22 and have been having sex with a girl since she was 15 but you are talking about hitting her and choking her with belts, scarves and other things… Everyone is right.. most of us had sex before we were 18.. maybe sometimes with older people… we’ve all broke the rules… but did we post it on a semi-public forum… was it posted on a website like this or any other… no… but what Cory is doing is far beyond just having sex with a minor… Consensual sex is whatever… but consensual violent sex is not something a girl of 15 or 16 is into… Woman’s Sexuality is exploited these days bad enough… they are exposed to sexuality and what they are forced to think what sexuality is at a very young age thanks to media… these things we can not help due to the decline of our society as a whole… but violent sex… that is some real fucked up stuff to do to a child or teen… that’s were I stand… that part is what makes me sick… I wish her parents and Cory’s Parents could see what I’ve seen… then we’d see some real justice… I would love to see this stop.. anyone that doesn’t stand up to this.. legally is contributing and will be held accountable… look at what they are doing to teens that send nude cell pics to each other… they are getting arrested and charged as child pornographers… this is the law kids, not a moral issue that can be argued with right and wrong… the end

  41. @ Cory: Yes Snide comments every time she posted her 16 year old self half naked on the internet. I’m sorry I’m not like you and I don’t get off on seeing that and I’m sorry I find more in common with the women my own age, cough, women not girls.

    And in general,
    of course you people will defend a 22 year old fucking a 16 year old, but I’m SURE
    if he were 52 you’d have something to say and he would use the “age of consent” argument
    against YOU. So what’s the difference between a 56 year old and a 22 year old? Hold your
    tongues because you too are full of moronic contradictions.

  42. I also love how cory says the conversation is over when someone like Jareb makes an insanely logical point… convenient .

  43. Sarvas – …I’m not even going to bother, you obviously know what she wants more than she does. its hard to argue with omnipotence.

    Ru – she posted her hipbones in the hipbones forum…which is all ages…one of her pictures had cleavage, which is perfectly legal. Your argument is that you don’t find her attractive because of her age, I don’t find a lot of girls who post in the forums attractive for other reasons yet you don’t see me saying “youre fat, stop posting” everytime they do…

    I also said the conversation is over because all of your guys arguments that what were doing is illegal was completely shot down by matney X and yet you are still wasting your time. He tried arguing about an “18 year old with an 11 year old” yet that actually is illegal. If you want to complete his argument then how about a 30 year old with a 24 year old? legal, same age difference…no one gets uptight about that? 50 year old and a 44 year old…same thing. I can keep going, but you should probably get my point by now..

    I’m sorry we’re not all here for your enjoyment Ru.

  44. Yet, as Sarvas pointed out, you’ve been with and sexually active with her since she was 15, which blows your whole age of consent argument to shit. Something that matney’s point didn’t cover, was most of those states had age of consent laws from over 100 years ago, back when people got married younger, had families younger, and died a lot younger.

    The states that have relatively new laws about it, started to give those laws thought when kids were being charged with statutory rape when they turned 18, kids who had been dating all through high school, and one of them was a few months older, therefore making it illegal that he was 18 and she was 17. These laws weren’t enacted to allow 20+ year olds to legally sleep with 16 year olds, no matter how you try to spin it.

    Your argument fails with the concept of a 50 and 44 year old, as they are both aged and experienced adults, who have lived their lives and learned a great deal of life lessons. No matter how mature she may be, you have poisoned the mind of a child, done things to said child that ultimately break many laws, even for adults, and then posted it online. Sorry we don’t all share your desire to be predators.

    The worst part of all of this is that you can’t even take the seriousness of what your doing without acting like a child yourself. I haven’t done a thing but speak my mind, and you go boohooing about it and even went so far as to block me from your iam page. What’s the matter Cory? Got something to hide? If you’re so proud of what you’re doing, why hide it from anyone, not just me?

    And, again, like Sarvas said, I’m curious as to how her parents would really treat you knowing that you like to choke and beat on their 16 year old daughter with belts and shit.

  45. I’ve gpne through that trouble so I don’t have to listen to you anymore. I’m happy and shes happy. I’m sorry you guys don’t feel that way about it but you have no place to say anything about it. You are a complete stranger to me and have never once said anything to me so I’ve denied you access to my page. It kind of just proves that you care way too much about something, as i’ve said, doesn’t concern you.

  46. I don’t understand what you guys are trying to get at either. Do you think I’m going to break up with her because you continuously are on my case about this? Its not going to change so give it a rest, my blocking you means at least you don’t have to hear about it.

  47. Oh my fucking god, please can you all shut the fuck up? IM NOT GETTING BEATING OR HIT OR ANYTHING. He did not ” poison the mind of a child” holy shit this is soooo ridiculous, just leave him alone? if he blocked you it was probably because your annoying as fuck and he doesnt need you to be apart of his page. I understand everyone has opinons and what not but this really isnt anyones opinoning anymore, this is just now attacking Cory like it has been the past 20 posts. LIke i dont understand how people can care so much about someone elses relationship..Oh and Jareb you must know me pretty well to know that Cory has poisoned me right? You and I talk alot right? None of you know me, and your pretty much saying stuff as if i told you it. And if i was so think i would still be with Cory? Im not fucking stupid, I would realize it if someone was doing bad things to me that I didnt like.

  48. You’re right Eleen, we don’t talk, cuz you’re a fucking child and I have nothing to talk to you about. I like my friends to be adults, as what the fuck do I have in common with someone who should be watching Hannah Montana instead of getting choked out? And yes, I do believe that you’d still be with him even if you did know better, as abused women often stay with the abuser indefinitely under the delusion that things will change or that he really loves her… I mean, the bruises means he loves you, right?

    Cory, blocking me from your page is your thing to do. You got something to hide, and that’s why you did it, not because we’ve never talked. At least be a man and admit it. “I’ve gone through the trouble so I don’t have to listen to you anymore” yet I’ve never said anything to you, or anywhere else, except for here… Weird.

    And no, I am not under some delusion to think you’ll call it off, as the shrinks have proven that child predators cannot change their desires. Personally, I am a believer that kiddie touchers should be burned at the stake. There is no justice to be served on that kind. Maybe someday it’ll sink into that thick head of yours that what you have been doing is sick and disgusting, not because of the acts themselves, but because of who you did it with and their age at the time.

  49. I actually haven’t professed a bloody thing, now have I?

    You two sat in here and got called out on your lies from other iamers who know you, who are in forums with you, and who also disagree with the shit you’re pulling. You tried to play it off that you weren’t doing anything at all… Why is that?

    Personally, I believe that you know what you’re doing is beyond fucked, otherwise you wouldn’t have attempted to hide it. It can’t be because you’re trying to keep your personal life personal, as you wouldn’t post in public forums the shit you are doing.

    Keep it coming, as your excuses are bloody entertaining.

  50. Well fuck, let’s get back to the legal then.

    Yes, in New Jersey, 16 is the current age of consent, and minors 13, 14, and 15 years of age may engage in sexual activities with some UP TO 4 years older than them… Now, unless my math is really fucking off, 4 months ago, give or take a couple days, Ellen was 15, and you were what, 21? Hrmmm… That seems to be more than the legal 4 years allowed, doesn’t it?

  51. As for Matney X’s argument… he lives in Utah… Utah’s age of consent is 18… 2 years ago a kid from Utah was on to catch a predator… he was 23 and the “girl” was 16… he went to jail… end of story… in NJ age of consent is 16, but you’ve been with her before that… but you fail to know this as well… age of consent has an age difference.. in NJ it’s 4 years… so because you are 23… it’s illegal… if you hate it so much don’t come back and read truths… I’m not getting this info from hearsay.. it’s what I’ve read… Maybe I should really take action… and call the authorities and put a stop to it… but then again… everything about IAM and BME would go under investigation and this community would be closed… so Cory, as an Adult.. what are you going to do about this.. and Ellen as a minor.. what are you going to do about it.. because if I have to read anymore about that relationship and what you do in it on public forums that I am in and then I will do something about it… and I’ll just start with a TOS that should have been done a while ago… thanks…

  52. Ellen, you may never see this post but I still love you with all of my heart. You gave me wings to fly with, and I miss you more than anything.


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