Ask and you shall receive.

So when I posted this cutting by Efix Roy a modblog commenter by the name of Tsarik left this comment:

>>so many of these cuttings look excellent when freshly done. do the wearers or artists have the foresight for how it will look when finished? so few of these cuttings are worth looking at when actually healed.<<

I understand her scepticism. I am generally of the “bold will hold” mindset , especially when it comes to scars. However, with the caliber of some of the artist that do these detailed cuttings, you should not be surprised to know a lot of them heal magnificently.

A perfect example of that is this awesome cutting that was done by Jonz of Sideshow Tattoo in Boise Idaho and Wayde Dunn.

Here it is fresh…


To see it healed in all of it’s glory, keep on reading.

…and here it is healed.


See, a modblog commenter asked ,and I answered. I am trying to make sure modblog covers what it’s readers want to see. That being said, I could use some suggestions from you guys.  So if there’s anything (or anyone) you want to see here , or if you just have some cool pics that you would like to see posted, please let me know. If you are on IAM, I created this forum on my page to leave suggestions. If you are not on IAM you can email me through the “email this author” link next to my photo below. If you want to ask or suggest something 100% anonymously you can do so on my formspring page. I can’t promise I will use everything suggested, but I am open to most possibilities.

18 thoughts on “Ask and you shall receive.

  1. Scars change over time, and they do so differently based on several factors.

    For instance, my almost 10 year old cutting by Lucas Zpira is still raised, but it has lost most of the red tones and blends in more with the surrounding skin now.

  2. woww. that healed so wonderfully. i love it! i need to take pictures of my 3 month old scar work.

  3. Wow, that is incredible. It is nice to see healed scars, especially ones that have gone well!

  4. Hi Sean, I have a question too. I have a full sleeve in black and I would love to see some cuttings (healed) to help me decide if I’m going to do it or not. Thank you.

  5. @ Peter, the scarring on black, especially flesh removal which removes the ink, is a good contrast and something that should look good indefinitely. If I run across any pictures of healed scars on black I will try and post them,

  6. PETER> For healed cuttings on black tattoo, you can look at scars by “Absolute Scarification – Lestyn” on BME (not my fav’) or by Lewis Dodd (he appears on Scarwars).
    Brenno has done a fantastic branding on black tattoo !
    I remember more healed scars on black tattoo on BME but I’m not sure of the artist’s name… Or you can just send me an email and I will send the photos to you ! 😉 (kranlbx @ gmail . com)

  7. wow.. looking at the cutting i wouldn’t have eve3r guessed it would heal up this awesomely!

    awesome cutting!

    the pentagram and the clawed hand are my favorite… i love how the raised scar makes it look like the cutting is alive and pushing his way out of the body

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