Meet Victoria, a  life sized stoneware sculpture with some bad ass modifications.

More after the break, including a close up of her “chest piece”.

And then, after baking:


Sculpture created by Lisa Elkins, Good Emu Productions, Long Island, NY. Submitted by IAM: Subversive

39 thoughts on “Neat!

  1. thats just a beautiful peice, a great amount of realism it looks like if you poked it it would feel like boobies

  2. how long did she have to dry out for?!
    so beautiful, i love the little imperfections in the post-firing shot and the throat/clavicles.

  3. Yeah, maybe they’ll graduate and become a pretentious…what are you exactly?

    It looks badass to me. Shame there’s no shot of the back.

  4. Ian you are just jealous that you are not as skilled as the artist who created this piece. If it was modern art I might agree with you, but this piece clearly was made by a talented artist.

  5. Wow, that’s gorgeous. Definitely something I wouldn’t mind having in my living room, a definite conversation piece.

  6. I don’t really like the “chest piece” but only because it’s carved…I think I would’ve liked it better if the “tattoos” had been painted on…

  7. I agree about the tattoos being carved. It would have been better if she had glazed them on or used decals.

    As for the piece, I’d critique it, but I’m under the impression this is more about a sculpture being made with “mods” than it is about the art itself.

  8. why is it that this Ian McKown guy is always the one posting negative comments? Get a life.

  9. nonsense the carved tattoos make it.
    if she painted them on or used details they would have looked so beyond tacky.
    the final product is gorgeous.

  10. It’s possible the model had the mods and the artist just included them. I model, and it’s always interesting to see which artists do that.

    It’s also a lovely piece.

  11. i like the fact the tattoos are not painted, ive seen plenty of cast and sculpted body parts that have had painted tattoos

  12. Its said to see that a fellow artist such as Ian McKown is slating potential talent instead of encouraging it. I like this piece my dad is an artist and says it looks very real almost like a cast of a body instead of a sculptue.

  13. in my personal thoughts alot of artists today are trying to deal with the avant garde tattoo influence that has become so integrated into the art world.
    i love the idea of cutting the tattoos out a body it speaks about the new process of human beings cutting there bodies into art forms , this clay model resembles the look of a cutting made that will never change. if the artist keeps going with the cut outs the body becomes translucent and see through and the form of the body would still emulate there but the art would be about this idea of cutting the human body. i have collected numerous tattoo magazines and i decides to look through them and work with the idea of tattoos in art i began cutting out the tattoos in shapes and lines but kept the idea of capturing the human body through the idea of cutting out the tattoos.

  14. It’s be great to see a version of this piece with a full ‘body suit’ of tattoo’s, it’s be something really special.

  15. I agree with Ru… the carving makes it.
    this is one of the most beautiful pieces of art I’ve ever seen.

  16. Oh my gosh! Hi, I;m lisa Elkins and Victoria is my creation.This is awesome, thank you so much Lily! I am in the car now but I will be back later to say more! :-D

  17. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa, The room totally looks like the ceramics studio at Suffolk County Community College.

  18. Hi again everyone and thanks for the comments, “good” or “bad!”

    To answer a few questions or tie up open comments:

    My favorite comment is definitely “Damn…. Victoria thick”!!!

    GuiltofEve, I will sign anything you want, especially your boobies. Maybe once I have starting signing tits and asses, I will be more fitted to the signature “pretentious art student” title that I have been given perhaps a bit too early. After I have gotten back into school and earned my Masters degree in Art Therapy and then begun working with the developmentally disabled, disadvantaged and/or mentally ill, perhaps then I will become pretentious. I’ll keep ya posted, ian mckown.

    **Anyone who orders from my Etsy site from here is invited to type in the code “PRETENTIOUS ART STUDENT” when you pay via PayPal to get a 10% rebate!!!!** Thanks for the idea, Ian!

    Anyway, as for critiquing of the piece itself, while I am open to it, this piece was done over a long period of time while I was in ceramics classes working under an incredible ceramicist named Barbara Karyo, who gave me plenty of critiques along the very long road to Victoria’s completion. Certain things I would in retrospect do differently, but overall I am happy with the piece. It was done for me and my personal growth as an artist, and I learned a lot from it after working every single piece of that clay myself, from de-airing the raw clay to carving to lifting the massive thing into the kiln.

    It took about 6 weeks to fully dry from a leather-hard state to a point where I felt comfortable putting it in a kiln. Some people mentioned that they would have liked to see the piece painted. While this would be pretty, I specialize in sgraffitto, and I felt that this piece would be sort of over-simplified by painting the “mods” on. I love texture and dimension and plan to make an extensive line of this sort of sculpture (many smaller so I can make them available for sale!) once my basement studio is up and running, which with any luck will be within the next few weeks! Also, as Corinna correctly touched on, it was actually meant to be a sgraffitto adaptation of some scarification that I would love to have done one day.

    Fiona, thanks for that great compliment that you and your Dad gave me! This piece was hand built from hand-rolled greenware clay coils, and the only models I used were a book and a mirror – though she is a little thicker than I am. Her belly button is my thumb print and all of the details are a direct result of my hands and a few simple hand tools.

    Corinna, thank you so much for plugging my info here – you are the best! Due to my lack of access to a ceramics studio for quite some time now, I have been focusing on Mosaic. Unfortunately the holidays brought on a slow spot in production for me, but be on the lookout for a line of good stuff coming up soon, including one of “Baby Ganesha” and a line of monkeys within the style of this Marble Lion I recently finished:

    Thanks again everyone, and please feel free to find me on Iam (Subversive), Twitter (TheGoodEmu) or Facebook (Lisa Elkins in Wading River, NY)! I love talking to people! :-D

  19. Put me in the “carved tattoos rock” camp. With an organic based paint, i can see them working, but i think the carving adds really nice dimension to it. Gorgeous.

  20. I thought so, I spent a lot of time there making horrible mugs and ‘manifesting my Buddha Nature into the clay.’

    I can’t believe that I would see that studio on Modblog, much less that Wading River would be represented. Kudos to you, at the other end of William Floyd.

  21. It’s not uncommon for readers to complain about the prevalance of mods in a photograph: posts of people barely modded often face criticism over relevance. This is not modified at all. The sculpture is as it was intended to be!

    This is beautiful work but it’s not a real person, and so is only teniously relevant. Or is anybody who can draw a picture now considered part of the modded community?

  22. how come in that last close up picture of the chest i was expecting to see it all bleeding……?

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