Make up Madame!

This is Ashley. Ashley is awesome. Check out her mad make-up skills! She is currently attending a prestigious college in Toronto for facial reconstruction. I’d say she could teach her educators a thing or two!


More of Ash’s amazing work after the break.

Sorry fellas, she is already taken.

37 thoughts on “Make up Madame!

  1. i admire anyone who can sit there with all that make up and resist the temptation to paint their face to look like a tiger

  2. She could work on movie sets as a professional makeup artist! She seriously has skills.

  3. I never liked make up so I don’t see the big deal, but to call make up “facial reconstruction?” really?

  4. #3: Glad I’m not the only one that finds that font annoying (in general, and not just in this instance).

    I always fail miserably when I try to do anything cool like that with eye makeup. Much respect for being able to pull it off.

  5. I don’t wear much makeup (blush, lipgloss, sometimes eyeliner…that’s it) so I could NEVER do any of these amazing pieces…she’s really great with makeup! But I’ve got to agree with Ru…”facial reconstruction” makes me think of reconstructing the facial features of people who have been in horrible accidents or burned. Not makeup.

  6. Hey, with some facial wax, you can turn a button nosed girl into a large nosed man! Even with some eyeshadow, you can change the way someone’s facial shape looks. I will admit, facial reconstruction sounds a bit misleading but you can change someone completely with a bit of makeup

  7. Dude, Seneca is a community college. Not prestigious. “Facial reconstruction” is quite a stretch, too. You make it sound like she’s doing reconstructive surgery here.

  8. Exactly, Ashley is actually a 65 year old Taiwanese guy so I’d say reconstruction is very fitting for her skill set.

  9. Facial reconstruction is what they performed on that woman who’s face was ripped off by a monkey. Or what they do for people with a cleft palette.

  10. Why is this on modblog? This is stupid. She’s not even modded!!!! What is happening to our modblog people!? She has snake bites, a septum piercing, and two nostril piercings!!! So much for modded. This is so sad. I’m devastated that this is what this blog has become. Silly scene kids with ears at a 2 and a lip ring.

  11. Trying to make a judgement call on what qualifies as “modded” means saying that one can be “modded” or “not modded” enough.
    She has piercings, we’ve got high-quality pictures of her pierced face (with some extra artistic skills that make the photos very unique) and she’s a lovely girl.
    Modblog material is for and about ALL mods all across the spectrum, from simple to extreme. It’s just a shame that someone who sounds like they are crazy about mods can’t be open-minded enough to let go of the need to have a scale of “moddedness”.

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