Welcome to the circus!

Libby Luxury sends in these wonderful, whimsical, circus themed photos!

If anyone is interested, Libby says she likes fist fights, living fast, rainbows and candy hearts (among other things).

More after the break, ofcourse!

Photos curtosey of Libby Luxury,High Priestess Studios of Eugene, Oregon.

35 thoughts on “Welcome to the circus!

  1. Totally in love with the bird sleeve she has. My jaw just dropped. So simple and so beautiful.


  3. Fuck that turquoise/seafoam hair is delicious! I remember seeing that sleeve on here before. I’m not sure if it had face pictures, but she is gorgeous!

  4. This is probably totally weird but the first thing I noticed in the first photo was her blond arm hair and how it looks really nice haha.

    Though I think having your first thought be whether her pubic hair is blue like the hair on her head is just as weird.

  5. As Katie said on comment #16, it looks like a sleeve by Lionel, but I’m not sure if it is. I looked at is gallery on myspace today and is version was basically the same thing, but it is only a half sleeve. Lionel’s work, inspiration, copy? If someone know, post!

  6. P.S. not sure who Lionel is…. came up the bird sleeve myself and got it tattooed by Joey at Sacred Art Tattoo in Corvallis, Oregon.

    P.S.S. no my pubic hair is not blue………it’s rainbow!

  7. I actually like the arm hair. She’s a person not a hairless mannequin. My favorite picture is the last one – I love the leopard hair :-D

  8. Libby!

    Your awesome. Turns out I also like fist fights, living fast, rainbows and candy hearts. Bonus points if I can get them all together at the same time.


  9. I’m growing old.
    Upon seeing the 3rd pic a neon light with “poor girl, so young and already so fucked up” written on it lit up in my head.

    No kidding and no provocation intended.

    It’s just… meh, it seems so much “me me me me” to me.
    16-year-old kind of “me me me me”.
    But then it’s probably just me.

  10. OMG… so many things come to mind…

    I want to have babies with her – who cares if we’re both girls!

    Hell, I’d love to just cuddle with her – she looks so cute and hug-able, despite (because of?) the mods, hair, makeup etc.

    I’ve considered a bird tattoo somewhat similar to that, nice to get a idea of how it looks on skin!

    I have this wild urge to go shave my head again.

    I’m dying to see if her pubic hair really is colored! I know there’s a dye for it, but haven’t seen it on anyone yet :(

    I’ll save the rest, and just leave it at this – EFFING GORGEOUS!!!

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