20 thoughts on “Don’t cry, mousey.

  1. Aww, poor mousie! Don’t be sad!
    This is lovely. I have a small collection of rodent tattoos myself, and I really like this one. I’d love to hear the story behind it.

  2. I wonder what the rest of the sleeve’s theme is to have a sad lil mousey on the top of his hand. I really like it though.

  3. I meant the tear looked real not the mouse. The mouse is cartoonish and very cute.

    And blackroses, for some reason it made me think of Watership Down too… Weird.

    I would love to find out the story behind this tattoo and I’m hoping that the wearer sees this and shares.

  4. Awwwwe… Makes me sad!!!
    I love love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LVOE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the blue tears amongst a sea of black ink. It looks incredible.
    Nice evocative tattoo!

  5. Wow, Modblog is getting worse by the day.
    What happened to only posting amazing tattoo taken with quality and precision and writing something half decent about it.

  6. @Blackandblue-there’s a lotttttttt of subjectivity in your requests.

    PS- lighten up. we’re dealing with blogging, not missiles.

  7. blackandblue.

    you know if you dont like whats being posted you can, you know, go away.

    i quite like it, sure its not a carbon copy of a mouse, but you know what it is when you look at it so its not bad.

  8. I wasn’t thinking watershipdown I was thinking secret of nihm lol but still epic I agreee such a small detail can make a whole piece, theres such beauty in that simple contrast

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