Girls can play too!

When it comes to voluntary surgical genital modification, it is largely a boys club.

While there are more options for males, females are not completely out of the game. Amongst female modifications, the clitoral hood splitting or hood removal is one of the more common options. Lot’s of women are cursed with a hood that does not allow their clitoris to be exposed, even when erect. A slit to open it up, or a removal (partial or complete) can open up a whole new world of sexual pleasure for women with that problem. For other women who’s clitoris is exposed during arousal, these procedures can allow more of it to be so, which can heighten the sensitivity allowing orgasm’s to more easily be obtained.

As a female interested in genital work, Dawnie had a hard time finding information on the subject. So when she decided to go through with getting the procedure herself, she was thoughtful enough to write a  experience (membership required to view) on the subject. She is very open about her procedure and willing to talk to people who may be interested in learning from her experience with it. So if you, or someone you know are considering or could benefit from such a procedure, start doing some research, get a BME membership if you haven’t one already, and talk to people who have gotten these procedures.

For a look at her healed partial hood removal, keep on reading.


27 thoughts on “Girls can play too!

  1. personally, i’ve considered genital mods (i’m of the lady persuasion) (and hood removal/labial reduction/etc) but i have heard multiple times from multiple sources that one of the major risks with such procedures is possible loss of sensation. which is the main point, so that’s holding me back a bit.

  2. Makingtrouble- – I am considering a inner labia reduction myself to try to “even” things out a bit. As for your concerns with sensitivity loss, I really have not experienced any loss of sensation since the procedure. I had the partial removal done back in 2007 and everything is more than fine, I still have heightened sensation. However, I have been very cautious while picking out underwear and making sure nothing rubs on it continuously to cause any loss of sensation from that aspect. I think a lot of the loss of sensation you may be refering to could simply be when you first get to enjoy the removal and the new sensations that are heightened and new to you, my orgasms came quicker and more intensly and at first it was overwhelming, not in a bad way but more as in a “oh my god that feels amazing” kind of way. My body now, over two years later still feels that way, however I am more used to the heightened sensation so it isnt as much of a suprise so to say. My most sensitive areas of my clitoris is now the sides of it that had never been exposed or touched before the removal. I realize everyone is different and have alternate results, but for me and my body it is still incredible and extra sensitive.

  3. “I think a lot of the loss of sensation you may be refering to could simply be when you first get to enjoy the removal and the new sensations that are heightened and new to you, ”

    that would be a gain of sensation, not a loss. i mean in the actual terms of surgery negatively affecting existing nerves, and a loss of sensation due to the surgical cutting occurring.

  4. Well, when you quote it without the rest of my response it does sound like a gain instead of a loss. However like I said the only “loss” I experienced was due to my body becoming adjusted to the new intensity which would have been the “gain”.

    From the actual surgery there was no loss of sensation, the only tissue cut/removed was from my clitoral hood and for me that has never been a paticularly sensitive area, just more in the way than anything else. So, for me there was no loss due to the actual procedure.

  5. great article!! I read though the comments and I completly understand what your saying about the gain and loss of sensation.

  6. To dawnie,
    thanks for being willing to talk about your procedures, most girls i know with this kind of work tend to keep a lot of the details to themselves and seem almost embarrassed to talk about having had it done in the first place.

    Genital mods are for everyone that wants them and wanting them does not make you weird!!

  7. piercerdan, I have noticed that as well, which is one of my main reasons for sharing my experience, I know how hard it was for me to find information when I was searching for myself. I have been very pleased with my partial removal. I completely respect the privacy of women (and men for that matter) when it comes to modifications, however, I do wish more women woud share their experiences, I find listening to or reading experiences of others to be insightful and they sometimes help you realize pros or cons that you may never have thought of beforehand.

  8. Whatever happened to Todd Bertrang? IIRC, at first he was widely derided by BME’s denizens, then embraced – and then hauled off to jail for unlicensed surgery (clitoral hood removal and clitoridectomy).

  9. To the best of my knowledge, he is still serving time. Although, if I recall correctly (don’t quote me on this) they couldn’t get any solid evidence against him and arrested him on frivolous charges of child pornography for having a totally innocent shirtless picture of his partner Robyn’s like 2 or 3 year old daughter posted on a personal website, just like many families would now on facebook or myspace.

    Todd is on my list of upcoming From The Vault entries, I am going to try and dig up some current info for that.

  10. i think a lot of girls stay quiet on the issue cuz they understand the risk of getting the practitioner in a lot of legal trouble…
    the law is very cut and dry in most jurisdictions regarding female genital procedures.. there isn’t a gray area…

  11. Makingtrouble: If that’s what you’re worried about, maybe try hood splitting before going full speed to a removal?

    I’m contemplating a hood split myself… kudos to you for sharing your genital mods with the rest of us, dawnie! If we had more experiences and images like this shared, I think a lot of women would be less intimidated by genital mods!

  12. I had a VCH piercing which I stretched and later split. I love it, it’s not the most drastic mod but it gives the clit more room to make itself known, it’s lovely.

  13. gogo_savvy thanks. I had my hoodsplit years before my partial removal, my experience of that is on bme as well if you are interested.

  14. newman – If you read my experience I dont give any details on the artist what-so-ever and that is for a good reason, not because their not great because the artist is, but I would never bring legal trouble upon anyone. I also do not disclos e where it was preformed.

  15. Does anyone know where you can get clitoral hood reduction in the UK or Poland? Thanks :)

  16. Hey Dawnie, thanks for sharing your experience, I havent found any as helpful as yours. I’ve been wanting to get this done for a while now and I found a place to do it but i was wondering what kind of tool was used to do your mod and if the artist gave you anything to keep the pain to a minimum? If so how was it administered and did it help ? thanks Dawnie :)

  17. Hello Dawnie, thanks for sharing your story and picture. I want a procedure done too: my labia are very baggy. I want them cut by around 2cm on each side, brought together then stitched together in the middle. That would cover my clitoris, but I have tested it and it is definitely possible for me to orgasm like that. So it’s not really necessary for my clitoris to be visible. Currently, my labia is causing dysphoria as it is so bulky. But finding someone to perform this surgery on me seems impossible. If anyone could help, please let me know.

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