BME Girls Calendar 01/15/10

For those of you interested in seeing the first batch of girls who submitted their pictures for  possible use in the upcoming BME Girls Calendar, keep on reading. If this isn’t your thing, come back later for other types of modblog post.


The girls are featured as I randomly pull them from my email box. Pictures are submitted by the girls themselves. If a girl is chosen for the calendar, we will have new high end photos taken specifically for that.

If you want to see one of these ladies in the upcoming BME Girls Calendar, email [email protected] and put the girl of your choosing’s name as the subject. For full details check below the pictures.








Rach Rach




About being a featured girl: This event is open to all BME Girls age 18 and over. Girls of all shapes, sizes and race are encouraged to submit pictures. Contestants can be dressed or nude, but nothing too pornographic will be featured. Pictures need to be of decent quality, lest the readers condemn me to hell for posting webcam shots. Agreeing to be involved is consenting to be featured in the calendar, if you are selected for it. If you want to suggest someone, feel free to do so. I will contact them and see if they are interested, but no one will be featured without their explicit approval. To submit pictures, please email them to [email protected] Make sure to include your IAM: name (or real name) in your email.

About voting: Votes will be tallied by emailing [email protected], just make the subject “Vote (insert name of girl you choose)” and your vote will be tallied.  Votes will be anonymous, there is no reason for anyone to know who voted for whom and how many votes each girl got. This isn’t about competition, it’s about a fun, interactive way to get the readers involved in the selection process.

About Commenting: I am enforcing a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy for negative comments about the girls. They are being kind enough to share themselves with us and to help BME make a calendar, they should not have to fear public ridicule. Negative comments will be deleted, if we have a repeat offender, all of their future modblog comments will be sent to moderation. This isn’t about censorship, it’s about common courtesy and respect.

Check back next Friday for the next installment of the BME Girls Calendar feature. I will be back posting other features to modblog Monday, I hope to see you then.

51 thoughts on “BME Girls Calendar 01/15/10

  1. mmm rach rach nom nom nom nom ;D

    beautiful girls…maybe voting on pretty ladies will motivate me to set up mail on windows 7 instead of using webmail all the time !

  2. Damn good looking bunch, wish I had some seductive pics of me lying around. Got some of me welding? I could put some electrodes through my septum lol.

  3. Thats it for week one?! I might have to get in on this! Im tied between Shireen and Heiro, they def took their time to look pretty for their big debut on a calendar. Good job

  4. Not too found of the first one, but hey there’s always a lesser page of a callender, regardles sif it’s scenery, people, art, animals or murder crime scenes….

    Women, please don’t talk my post the wrong way, I mean it artistically, not ment to be a personal thing..

  5. so, wait… can we only vote for one girl? or can we vote 1/Friday… or can we just send tou a bunch of votes whenever we get a boner for someone?

    Cause I definitely want to see Rach on my wall for a month.. but there’s a lot of other pretty ladies I’d like to shout for as well…

  6. @Gizmo, none of the photos here will be in the calendar we are using these for the selection process. We will have great new pictures taken to put in the calendar.

  7. My vote is for Shireen. Classy lady, me likey. =]

    That’s how this works, right? Vote for one?

    And I like the idea of a weekly calendar. =p Instead of a monthly one, just have a different picture for every week of the year.

  8. hey, are you wanting full body shots or just faces or what for submissions or does it not really matter as long as its not webcam rubbish? :)

  9. Sean, you say you will have new pics taken for the calendar, so does that mean if i’m from the UK i can’t enter? i assume you will have a photographer over where you are who will be taking the new pics, or am i getting it wrong?

  10. All of these girls are VERY pretty and would be awesome on a calendar… too bad I can’t have it up at work though… Heirophantress is my vote, if I can force my lay-z ass to vote.

  11. The last chick has some awesome bewbs!

    I think they’re all pretty but can we have some variety of ethnicities as well?! Pwease?!

  12. @Sara, I post entries as they are submitted to me randomly pulled form my email. There are some other ethinicities in the mix, but they are definitley the minority. I can only post what gets submitted, so if you find some girls you want featured, drop them a note suggesting they submit.

  13. uh, fail on the click through. where are the hi-res photo’s??? these girls are pretty cute .. :)

  14. double check the diversity request aaaannnnd some of you girls should dispel the tattoos = drawn on eyebrows and makeup myth, go natural!

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