33 thoughts on “Most colourful yoga instructor?

  1. Too bad there isn’t a better shot of her back & stomach. The entire piece is phenomenal.

  2. More about the “tongue piercing incident”:

    The new is in finnish so I translated the basic idea in it:

    The girl had four of her friends assisting, they begun making the piercing in her houses staircase. One of her friends injected anesthetic called Lidocain in the girls tongue. Lidocain can be bought quite easily in Russia.

    Due to Uralpress-webpage, the girl started cramping after 15 minutes. When the paramedics came there were no hope for saving the girl anymore.

    Due to Militia, it’s unsure that did she die on overdose, allergic reaction or defective medicine.

    I apologize for possible typos.

  3. Dear Santa, I know it’s a little late.. Or early, I suppose, to be sending you my wishlist. But for next Christmas, I would like her, please.

  4. hey folks, i’m the girl in the photo.

    its so heartening to find myself on modblog…. because just this week, i got slammed by a local tabloid for participating in a competition at the singapore tattoo convention. it appeared on stomp.com.sg (a place where nosy idiots submit photos and their 2 cents worth) and it got taken by a local newspaper and featured in the sunday paper. been depressed all of the last 2 days. sigh. anyway, more info here:


    i guess its because singaporeans have no idea what a tattoo convention really is about and it got all blown out of proportion. sigh.

    this was the original reuters feature video that the stills were captured from:


    didn’t win anything tho’, i suppose because of the way that singapore is preoccupied with a certain type of body type as the definition of beauty. not that i did any of my ink to please anyone but myself.

  5. Amanda – I’m glad you wrote in and so glad you submitted the photo. I thought it was beautiful and like others wished I could see more of your tattoos. People that criticize someone because of their weight have small minds or maybe they’re just jealous that you have more confidence than they do. Anyone who attacks someone based on something like that is clearly doing so from a place of insecurity.

    Also, your photo definitely inspired me to want to try yoga!

  6. This totally left me speechless in the best of ways, literally speechless.

    Amanda, that article is clearly absolutely ridiculous. And to criticize ANY body at… a tattoo convention… is crazy. You’re gorgeous (as is your tattoo work ), but you already know that. 🙂

  7. This photo literally made me catch my breath. Thank you so much for sharing, I would also love to see her tattoo work in more detail. Stunning!

  8. amanda, singaporeans are just so narrow minded and judgmental, not to mention that stomp is always full of shit anyway and i feel ashamed to be associated with singaporeans like that. i’m happy you’ve gotten a beautiful tattoo despite the stigma with regard to body mods.

  9. i have an awesome artist. he sometimes goes out to conventions… look for him if he does. Donald Kwek, utopia studio, Singapore.

  10. Art and ability are spectacular. And where i am from a girl with a figure is alway more disirable than a toothpick.

  11. If I remember well, few months ago you wrote a post about another girl who has tattooes and she was a yoga instructor as well. It makes me happy because these pictures reflect peace and calm and the beauty of women’s bodies.

  12. it is easy to learn Yoga although it seems difficult at first try. I practice Yoga mainly for relaxation and for improving my blood circulation.

  13. your body is beautiful i guess people are really rediculous and anal and probably lack self esteem in themselves. I especially don’t understand why girls feel the need to comment the way they do But I see that as a reflection of the person whose talking.

    But your tattoos are gorgeous what is the big deal with people god

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