Can you “hit the nail on the head”…

…and guess what body part this is getting nailed?


For the answer to this question and to see what happens next, keep on keeping on.

I am guessing most people guessed scrotum, because nine times out of ten when you see genital torture pics it is male parts that are being tortured. However, that is not the case here as you can now plainly see.





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47 thoughts on “Can you “hit the nail on the head”…

  1. I remember a time when I was unexposed to the likes of Bme….

    God those where dark, uneventful days..

  2. I was just talking to my boyfriend last night and he wanted to know what extreme female genital mods were out there since I tell him about split penises and penectomies all the time. I will show this to him tonight.

  3. It seems she had a rings or something in the areas where the nails are, couse there are no blood or redness around but looks really agressive. As I know those lips are not sensitive at all.

  4. I was thinking it was pretty unsanitary myself, but the fact this crazy woman is letting someone nail he vagina to wood is pretty awesome haha

    and I highly doubt ANYONE is 100% sanitary at ALL times. we just don’t take photos and submit them :]

  5. *shutters* my vagina hurts just LOOKING at this!
    Good for her tho for going through with it. To each her own!

  6. I can’t believe nobody here realizes that he just put some nails through healed piercing holes!
    However – it’s still nice to see!!! 🙂

  7. sanitary…. did you guys forget about mind over matter? hence why some sideshows will have audience members spit on body skewers just to prove a point.

    this one totally got me though, swore it wouldnt been some glans or a testicle since… well that just seems to be more common.

    i like it tho


    holllllyyyyy shiiiiiittttt

  9. I guessed labia and was right! That looks terribly painful and I personally couldn’t do it, but to each their own. 🙂 Provided everything was done sanitarily, of course.

  10. Jesus. I gotta stop looking at ModBlog right before I go to bed. This is amazing, but it gives me the willies.

  11. IMO this is not really body modification, its kinky masturbation. Me though i hate dick sizing, so im not a fan of play piercing “look how hardcore i am” stuff.

    Interesting photographs regardless.

  12. It does not bleed because they used nails, not needles. Try it at home and you will notice that the body does not have the same reactions with nails and needles 😉 (nails tear off the tissu, needles cut it… it is the difference).

    When you cut your finger with a steel plate on your garden, you don’t think “OMG, it was not autoclaved, I will have an infection and loose my hand !” lol.
    It is not recommended to use nails but there is not a lot of risk…

  13. 1. Add twitching sweet pain
    2. Add MORE twitching sweet pain
    3. Add EVEN MOOORRE twitching sweet pain
    4. Add spinalcord twitching sweet pain

    Mission Success!

  14. thanks 26 & 31, mine isn’t purple but all vaginas are beautiful delicate flowers like in oil paintings..there was a chick with tattooed purple bits a few weeks ago, is this the same girl?

  15. Someone send me the 720p video, please 🙂

    And @38 – As mentioned previously by others, they’re going through healed holes. Look att the symmetry. And by that I’m not saying that nails would be impossible, I have seen TG stuff…

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