Venezuela in my sights

I love photography.  I especially love photographs of people.  One thing I would never do is edit someone else’s photography to make it fit my version of aesthetically pleasing.  As a photographer (albeit merely a hobbyist), I would be angry if someone edited or cropped one of my photos and I think it’s rude to alter photos submitted to BME, beyond the watermark we add, so finding photos that grab me, as is, is always wonderful.  The photos that I post are, for the most part, ones that are sent to me in a file of photo submissions to choose from and include any information that was also sent in when the person submitted them to BME.  Sadly, that often doesn’t include full credit to the artist or even give the name of the person submitting it but I include whatever information there is every time. I know in a previous post I was brought to task for not crediting an artist but if it’s not included in the submission, I have no way of knowing. So, dear reader, if you’re submitting photos to BME, please when possible, include all of that information because inquiring minds want to know (and it’s nice to give credit where credit is due)!

When I saw the following photo, which was submitted to the scalpelled lip section of BME, I knew I had to post it.  The only name I see as a credit is xemaxtomax and I can’t quite tell if that’s who submitted it, or who gets the credit for the scalpelled lip.  Either way, Venezuela is looking mighty lovely.


The symmetry of these piercings is really quite beautiful.  There’s another great shot of this handsome boy after the jump.


38 thoughts on “Venezuela in my sights

  1. I think these are some of the first cheek piercings I’ve ever really liked the look of.

    And the symmetry kicks ass!

  2. His name is Emanuel, and he lives in Venezuela. Is there anywhere I can mail you guys contact information for him, like a MySpace URL?

  3. Nice philtrum indeed! Possibly it is just the angle of the pictures but i think his bridge piercing looks very angled? Check the second picture out.

  4. Eric – I sort of assumed he was the one that submitted the photos to us!

    Seeing Red – Yeah I can’t tell if it’s the angle of the photo or the piercing is angled. Maybe he should send us more photos… ;)

  5. Oh, sorry, I didn’t seen that you had mentioned his location. I know that ModBlog normally links to some social profile of those featured, so that’s why I mentioned the page. :p

  6. Eric – I’ll link if they include it in the info that was submitted but it wasn’t there. :) Generally it a link to an IAM page.

  7. Like so many other things, a quick visit to (using the search word xemaxtomax ) gives a few different pages and other pictures as well.

  8. As a general rule, we tend not to go out of our way googling the people who submit and only post the information that they give us out of respect for the individuals privacy.

    If he wanted us to link to his myspace profile, he probably would have included it. This differs slightly when someone tells me their artists name, then I’ll try to find a link to their portfolio, either if they have one on BME or on their own site because that’s not a privacy issue.

    A lot of people have day jobs or they’re looking for employment and they don’t always want their full name associated with their submissions because of BME’s size and search engine rankings, we will generally appear first with whatever someone has submitted versus their myspace page etc because of the relevancy that the search engines grant us with.

  9. Some of my favorite things going on here: symmetrical piercings, Medusa, beautiful plugs, beautiful man. Thank you, Venezuela!

  10. oh holy hotness…one of my exes (also very easy on the eyes) is from vzla…darn those south american boys!

  11. Realmente esas son unas fotorgrafías muy buenas, interesantes modificaciones y el chico es muy atractivo por cierto…

  12. Venezuela represent!!
    I wonder what part he’s from. I was just there last month and modified people are very difficult to find.

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