Try as I might…

…I couldn’t come up with anything witty to say about this tattoo that did not include the word “horny”.

So for the sake of my editorial professionalism, I will just say these antlers were done by Zack at Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis.


42 thoughts on “Try as I might…

  1. these are awesome. you should check out Lucia from the band The Devil Makes Three. she has an awesome cow skull on her chest

  2. Can someone explain the chest antler trend? I feel like I’ve seen half a dozen of them this week (live in New Orleans).

  3. maybe it’s just me, but when i stare at these for a while, it looks like a set of creepy hands holding up the bust of a statue (the wearer)… haha

    i like ‘em, in any case.

  4. They’re so lovely :) On a completely different note, is there a reason the font for the watermark changes with every post? It may sound like i’m being really petty but it’s just a pet hate of mine. I like continuity damn it!

  5. HAY i got those done weeeell before i had seen them as a tattoo on anyone else (that’s not to say i was the one to come up with the idea.) i’ll be honest, everyone always asks me if i got them because i play the cello and i have to awkwardly explain that i dont know a thing about the cello, but i can tell you about Man Ray and superimposing shapes onto photographs

  6. Those are so gnarly!
    I think antlers being a new tattoo trend is so much better than say, shitty tribal tattoos, or diamonds…

  7. quinnnchick – Yep, that’s why I was asking, I was just wondering as modblog is pretty huge these days i’s have thought there’d have been a certain modblog font. I know this isn’t really a big deal at all, i’m just generally curious as a Ba Hons graphic student :)

  8. Modblog has historically picked a font that goes well with the particular image. Sometimes, it is placed so near the focal point of the image (to prevent cropping it out easily) that it needs to blend into the design. Other times, a particular font just fits the mood, like Phil’s special “cock font” for penis pics. The rest of the time, the fonts an afterthought and just a necessary addition.

    Trust me a generic modblog watermark that could easily be stamped on with something like iwatermark would be FAR easier, but that’s not how it is best done for our particular purposes.

  9. #24- Yes I’ve seen a bunch of them just in the last few months. I was wondering if they were some kind of reference that was going over my head..or the next “mustache on my finger HAHA” joke tattoo. I don’t really mind them, but they do seem the trendy thing to do at the moment.

  10. My favourite is the kid who has the tattoo of himself with antlers on his chest–
    And I don’t hate antlers, in my mind they’re not cruel they fall off in the fall and grow back right? If you sawed them off like ivory I’d think it was perpetuating negative idealisms of animal torture for aesthetics, but deer are cool…it’ll be festive at christmas and what not

  11. well, here in argentina, we say that someone has horns (tiene cuernos) when he/she is being cheated on. the word “cornudo” (horned) is a big insult. here, having horns is definitely not a good thing.

  12. my favourite nirvana lyrics:

    most people don’t realize
    that two large pieces of coral,
    painted brown, and attached to his skull
    with common wood screws can make a child look like a deer

    always reminds me of the guy with the trophy self portrait, googled but can’t find him, its a sweet ass tattoo

  13. Someone SHOULD explain the “antler trend” to me.
    I had wanted antlers on my tattoos for about 3 years & finally committed to getting them a ways back.
    Should I assume that “imitation is the best form of flattery?” I’ve been in situations before where people “steal” tattoos ideas because they see something on someone else and are like “shit that’s cool!” and end up getting the same damn thing…
    Whatevs. I wasn’t going to post, and no disrespect to this gal’s tattoo, but I have to say I find my antlers much nicer. (But I’m probably biased… yeah. I am. Sorry…)

  14. not to be a dick but antlers aren’t technically horns at all, they get shed every year and have blood vessels in the velvet :)

  15. Hey! That’s not the same girl in the picture as asked, it’s a gal named whitney from the cities

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