19 thoughts on “A serene start to the new year.

  1. The furrowed brow doesn’t quite say ‘Peaceful’ to me.
    Rightfully so. It’s a lot of pain to endure. And we can see that.
    Good documentation.
    Nice outdoor setting.
    Sure beats white walls, florescent lighting, ceilings, the smell of Technicare, and the overall dentist office sterility akin to most studios.

  2. What Aloewishes said – except that I’d definitely say “peaceful”. The pain goes away….
    And it’s easy to have such nice outdoor settings when you live in Hawaii!

  3. love the choking V tat…. met Ezra at a show a while back and he drew a LOC logo on my wife and she tattooed it on when we got home….

  4. that was the most comfortable experience yet. i cannot suspend inside, gotta be outside…

    sorry to say the CV and LOC tattoos are on their way out. they helped me tons, but ive gown out of them. i always knew they would get covered up…

  5. All of these phenomenal outdoor locations make me want to utilize the area I come from for more suspensions. It also makes me feel bad that I haven’t already. Well done Jasn, incredibly inspiring and beautiful.

  6. Absolutly amazing jasn! I look at these pictures and see it has captured the essence of the event. Very inspiring and wonderful:)

  7. thank you everyone for the positive words, i must remember the inner peace ive experienced and apply it to everyday life. which can be difficult sometimes…

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  9. iwanna-iwanna-iwanna-iwanna-iwanna try this so f’n bad, i do not know were to go and how much it will cost. london Ontario

  10. i love his chest peice it reminds me off an artists paintings jordan broadworth jasn you should look him up very cool i think 1996 work

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