Biomech is the new black

When I first started hearing the word “biomechanical” in reference to tattooing it almost always referred to H.R. Giger’s art, or work done in a similar fashion. As the years passed biomech started to become more organic and colorful thanks to the influence of tattooist like Guy Aitchison.

As much as I like the colorful stuff, I definitely have a sweet spot for the Giger-ish pieces and I was pretty blown away by this back piece by Adam Collins from Lal Hardy’s Tattoo in London.


20 thoughts on “Biomech is the new black

  1. I have always wanted an H.R. Giger inspired tattoo. As soon as I saw this I gasped a little. This is absolutely beautiful, and I am incredibly envious. Hopefully one day I’ll have something as amazing on my body.
    Well done!

  2. Its really awesome work, but i just never really got into the style. I love simple heavy black work much more. Although i can appreciate the beauty and skill of this piece.

  3. I love biomecs, doing them myself. (doing them good, THEY say…)

    but this one ?

    Leck mich am Arsch, what a hell of a piece !

    one of the best Giger-interpretations i´ve ever seen.

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