15 thoughts on “If you insist on taking myspace mirror self portraits….

  1. Subject is definitely a cutie. Can’t wait until my lobes are big enough to attempt this (currently 0ga. goal size: 7/8″?)

  2. one drunken night, i had a friend stick his dick in another friends lobe, and there are pictures of that. but thats a whole other story…

  3. When the title ‘Stretched Members’ came up for that gallery I was expecting something a little more modblog related. IE, cock.

  4. lol we’re a whole month into a new decade #12, its a cliche but yes, thats so 2009
    its like saying, pssh no one myspaces anymore, they all facebook now duhhhh
    but we all know we’ll be saying that about twitter sooner than one would think

  5. To me, the shape around the edges makes it look like you’re looking into an eye, which I think is really cool. 😀

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