We usually showcase the best in body piercing….

….but once in a while we need to show the worst in body piercing as well.  This navel project is definitely amongst the worst piercings I have ever had the displeasure of gazing upon.


I am not going to out the shop credited for doing this, but I will give you a wee little hint, the name of the shop implies they probably sell  ”for tobacco use only” products as well.

If you can’t figure out why these piercings are so bad I suggest you jump off of  modblog, and go to askbme or the bme encyclopedia to start learning.

100 thoughts on “We usually showcase the best in body piercing….

  1. hahaha what a mess! i’m surprised at how healed-ish some of those look, that must be just a huge knot of scar tissue under his skin.

  2. That is by far the most horrible, sad, and disgusting thing I have ever seen! I thought it was a bad case of multicoloured acne!

  3. That’s so disgusting (or in spanish… QUE MIERDA DE PIERCINGS), WHAT COULD BE THINKING THIS GUY TO GET THAT!?!?!?!?!

  4. That had to have been a stupid bet that he lost.
    Unfortunately I know a shop or two in my area that probably would have performed the same procedure on someone who asked just for the cash and to make fun of the poor soul later.

  5. What pisses me off most about this, is the guy its on probably did want something cool and may have become a really good client if he had of found a good shop to get work done other than this hack!

    Too many people “into” piercings have been abused by dishonest piercers that dont care about their clients, which harms the entire industry and makes it even harder for people that do their best to do things right because the avg person thinks this is how surface work turns out regularly.

  6. My first reaction was to cover my mouth and utter something to the extent of, “Oh, God!”
    And then I burst out laughing.

  7. Ow ow ow that looks sore… even if you know absolutely nothing about mods you HAVE to know that’s a terrible job!


    Makes me sad, mostly because this guy might have had a cool idea but due to lack of any smarts or responsibility by both parties there is a collection of colourful horror on this person’s stomach. I am doubly disappointed if anyone is actually proud of this.

  9. ewies D: that looks pretty painful, actually. imagine rolling over in your sleep?

  10. @nikk, I did not include the shop name for two reasons. I do not want people to not submit imaged to BME for fear of them being used against them publicly on Modblog. Also, I can not 100% confirm if it was done at the shop listed (although the head shop name, makes me fairly certain it was) and I do not want to be a part of a fraudulent slander campaign if it was submitted under false pretense.

    The advisory here isn’t don’t go to this shop, because that only helps people in the same local as the shop. The advisory is to look out for this type of atrocity in a shop local to you and to know damn well to steer clear of it.

  11. If its a London shop i think i know it but then again 😛 But seriously though 😐 WtF!

  12. totally agree with you, Sean. people should always do their own research, regardless of what’s posted on BME or elsewhere. what a mess.

  13. I think.. maybe it was supposed to be a heart?
    If you like squint.

    Anyway, what’s up with the orange looking barbell with the green ends?
    Please tell me that’s some coloured barbell and not rust. D:

    You need to know when to let go of your piercings, man.

  14. what if this is a ritual? what if he simply wanted to feel the pain of having a rapidly-going-wrong navel project?

    …i’m of course not being serious, i just had to poke a little fun the SERIOUS BUSINESS that a previous post became

    the reality is that this makes me want to have a heart atta…HNGGGGGGGGGG there we go… now call 911

  15. oh god no. my first reaction was to close the window and pull a disgusted face. ew ew and OW

  16. Somewhere in the distance dogs are howling from all of the high pitched squeals of disgust. Poor belly, Bet it looks great faintly lit from a distance by a black light.

  17. @29
    yeah I can see a heart shape to this mess too!

    I’d’ve thrown in the towel a long time ago and TAKEN THEM OUT by now if this were me.

    i’d’ve shaved too, though.

  18. I liked it. Wish I had done it myself……………………………….NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Oh dear god.
    I don’t think there really anything needed to be said for this.. THO WTF.!!?!?!?!

    And again, this just gives people the view that all piercings are a horrible stain on the community.

  20. this is the grossest thing ive seen on bme grosser than any gruesome piercing play or whatever may have you

  21. @ 30, I am with you! I was gonna say the same thing, And because I said the cigarette burn guy needs a helmet I will also say this guy needs a helmet as well! You know so I am not a hypocrite or anything, just an ignorant asshole! 😉

  22. lol serious this site has become a hot not to be pierced/branded site, arent there 1000s of google images that would scare someone straight? i thought it was supposed to showcase the best and brightest and most hardcore, not the what can go horribly wrong side of things all the time

  23. Sadly I see body piercings like this quite often out of local crap shops in Austin, TX. We get people all the time that we turn into great, educated clients.

    Unfortunately this is going to keep happening, as people apparently enjoy price shopping for there bodies flesh. The cheaper the better right?

  24. GUYZ HE IS USING PTFE BARS. Of course it will work for surface piercings! The flexible nature of the jewelry makes it GUARANTEED NOT TO REJECT.

    Duh. The acrylic jewelry is just to make it look classy.

  25. This is so incredibly terrible, it’s transcended the realm of simple grossness. Now it’s a morbidly fascinating curiosity of nature.

    You know, like when little animals are stillborn without faces.

  26. @57 lol

    @56 Same mate we have it all the time. Lovely PFTE surface piercings. Then people ask me to fix them? Only thing to do is retire the piercing

  27. i laughed my ass off the moment a saw this. i cant believe someone can handle so much poor hygiene, this is one ridiculous mess. its colourful but just to many and i hope this guy decides to remove them , and shave as well.

  28. “How hard can it be shoving a needle through some skin fo’ cash?” Well, I guess the ‘piercer’ shouldn’t get all the blame. If you’re dumb enough to trust him/her to do more..

  29. Forgive my ignorance. My curiosity goes beyond questions of a purely technical nature. Was the finish work supposed to be a frowning face with “bad teeth”?

  30. Will BME ever except that people do things to themselves for various personal reasons, including but certainly nowhere near limited to aesthetics???

    It should really go without saying that there is a HUGE difference between poorly done, if not also poorly cared for surface piercings and ritual scarring, done with a cigarette or any other implement.

  31. This belongs on the wiki.bmezine under ‘rejection’. It amazes me that people don’t retire their piercings when they get like this..

  32. I was wondering if anyone was going to notice this 😛 I keep a folder on my desktop entitled “piercing: fail”…..This picture has been in it since it was first posted!

  33. WTF! I’m just wondering how this person doesn’t realize that hte piercing are…fucked up!?

  34. I have seen some bad work and attempted to fix many in my years as a piercer, but the only way I could possibly see to fix this would be to promptly cut the hand off of the hack that did this to this poor person.

  35. i lol’d

    let stupid people do stupid things, if thay cant be arsed to find a good piercer, let them go to any old hack and get work like this

    and whats the deal with people commenting on him being hairy? its called “puberty” maybe alot of you havnt hit puberty yet, but most guys get hairy, most men, dont tent to care. small minds, make comments.

  36. Well, at least the inverted navel seems to be making it…. Though I do love the one on the farthest left being held in by a tiny piece of skin. I mean, that jewelry still being in there is impressive on it’s own.

  37. Ok, Im a firm believer in listening to your body, and when your body is telling you to Fuck Off, you should probably Fuck Off.

    What I dont understand is how he is holding on to some thread of hope, or a thread of skin on that left one. Seriously, You dont actually think thats gonna hold on do you? Why dont you just take it out, or for fucksakes, at least trim the fucking barbell!! Its acrylic or bioplast anyway, its not hard.

    This is wrong on so many levels.

    As a professional piercer that takes my job seriously and strive to be the best I can, this is beyond frustrating and I am quite offended that the person who did this, i am sure, refers to themselves as a professional. Makes me want to puke.

  38. nice. an old friend of mine had a similar project in mind, thank god the piercer refused to pierce her after seeing the aftermath of the first 2 navel bars ‘healed’. she kept them in forever after that, and they were leaking infection when he warned her to remove them and let her body properly heal.

    she ended up taking them out later because of weight gain, and denied they were ever infected.

  39. omg that is so bad
    i think i could have done it better and i’m not even a piercer

  40. I think the best would be to remove such disgusting post. oh man, a guy with ligth colored rotten smelly piercings in his Pseudo Belly button? HAHAHAHA!

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