BME meets FHM

After yesterdays post of a BME Girl on British tv, I come across this picture from MIss Duveaux from a 6 page spread that was shot for FHM (For Him Magazine) Holland. It’s great to see a beautiful modified girl getting some love from mainstream media and not getting teased like KissItGoodbye was in my last post.


Miss Deveaux had this to say about the experience on her IAM diary entry about it:

Not only was I featured in a six page spread with For Him Magazine, FHM, but they decided to not re-touch my tattoos… The dude is a famous dutch tv-host *Sebastiaan Labrie*  Not only hot, but with tattoos and he was very open minded and interested in all my body mods… he liked my branding real much!

For more pictures from this shoot check out her IAM page, the BME/ Culture/ People gallery, or look for them in FHM Holland.

For one more showing off her chest tattoos, keep on keeping on.


40 thoughts on “BME meets FHM

  1. i’m sorry, but so what? it’s not like she’s very heavily modified. while she is gorgeous there is only ONE peeking tattoo in the picture…

  2. There are also two on her chest that you can see in the first picture, but just in case you can’t, I added a click through.

    Is this a huge ground breaking moment for the modified community? No, not at all. However, it is a cool experience for her, and a bit of good media for a visibly modified person even if she’s not “heavily modified”.

  3. If you go to her page you can see she has had quite a few piercings as well as some scarring and lots of tattoos…sure she isn’t sleeved out with huge plugs, but it’s something. And for mainstream media, this is a pretty big deal. Most of the time they try to edit everything out!
    She’s gorgeous…!!!

  4. Probably because it’s a FHM magazine shoot and it isn’t about the “realness” of the photo but about the hot people who are in the photo ;)

  5. Yes, Sebastiaan Labrie! Recognized him immediately. I always have to stop myself from drooling when he’s on television. ;) I’d like to see more of his back tattoo.

  6. KBI

    i think it’d be a staged photo.

    i think its cool that modded people are getting into mainstream media, i dont see why its “less important” that she hasnt got a full body suit and 3″lobes but its still a step down the right path.

  7. All the bitching put to the side..

    Me as a model DO find out trhat even though i am not heavily modified (noticable) I do get rejected on these things a lot (sadly), I get a lot of: Well we really like your tattoos and your gorgeous, but it is not mainstream enough…

    So for me to get a 6 page spread where they did not edit them (where they where intending to) is a big deal…
    My scars and my brandings usually isn’t even the biggest deal.. the tattoos are the biggest…

  8. Hot. Hot hot hot. I want a hot tattooed guy to get in the bathtub with his clothes on just to rub my feet. Where do I sign up for this kind of treatment???

  9. I’ve always loved MissDuvaux, IAMCrush (before it broke!) for sure!
    This is great news, why isn’t everyone all happy n proud? I sure as hell am!
    And I’m also curious about the empty glasses…

  10. I agree with vomit. I’m not that crazy about the pictures. Especially the one before the click through.

  11. I ain’t dissing on the chick or about modified people being in main stream photographs. I just think the photos are really poorly done. I think that’s a perfectly fair criticism.

  12. You really don’t see girls with any tattoos in ‘mainstream’ modeling, except for suicide girls, godsgirls, burning angels, etc, and a lot of them aren’t exactly model material, they just have a lot of tattoos.

  13. Chicks don’t interest me but he can visit my bathroom any time he likes so I can give his back tattoo a thorough inspection. And I’ll have a quality bottle of bubbly ready for those glasses. Mmmmmm.

  14. uhmmmm talking about bodymodified models: I’ve been featured in italian magazines;
    VANITY FAIR (they didnt retouch my scars and tats);
    GQ (they retouched my scars not my tats);
    covergirl for TATTOOITALY (they retouched my scar!!! ahahahahaha weird);
    PLAYBOY (they didnt retouch my scars or tats!)

  15. There are plenty of tattooed “mainstream” models! Diesel and Juicy Couture both featured sleeved models in their ad campaigns a couple seasons ago.

  16. Off topic, but is modblog ever gonna be updated? I liked this place better when there was something new on every visit.

  17. AGREE w/ number 30, i’m used to checking this website like 5 times a day and seeing something new everytime.

    okay so maybe 5 updates a day is a little excessive, but maybe once a day please?

  18. I want to say good for her, but at the same time…if you can’t see any of it, what’s the big deal? In the first photo, I see nothing out of the ordinary. In the second, I see 2 blurry (though I’m sure very nice) tattoos. I like to be positive about this kind of stuff but I think in terms of “mod-positive media”, these photos aren’t really much worth talking about.

  19. It makes me sad to see that the economic crisis has even gotten to the heart of modelling-industry…or did they just FORGOT a professional camera? ;)

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