Damn Snow!

Well thanks to the DC area snowstorm, we got somewhere around 32″ of snow, which is enough to stop everything in my region of the country.  So if you guys were wondering why there was only one Modblog update Friday, or why there was no BME Girls Calendar entry, the fact the snowstorm killed my  intranet at home is why.

I am back at work today, using the internet here, but most likely I will be snowed in (and possibly with out internet)  tomorrow and the next few days, as we are expecting another foot or so of snow to pile on.

Anyhow, I searched BME high and low for a submission that could possibly sum up how I feel about the snow and the impact it has had on my life recently.  I think I found it, this tattoo may not be amazing, and normally I would probably overlook it for posting to Modblog, but today it just speaks to me.


Another snowman tattoo that speaks to me was already posted, but in case you missed it, or weren’t a reader in 2007, check it out!

Don’t fret Modbloggers, I will be back with a few more post today, including the BME Girls Calendar entry. Hopefully, even if I am stuck at home, my intranet should be working and I can continue posting. If not, I will see you  guys when it warms up, maybe around April?

12 thoughts on “Damn Snow!

  1. Ian…
    “…this tattoo may not be amazing, and normally I would probably overlook it for posting to Modblog, but today it just speaks to me”
    And regardless the quality, I completly agree with Sean on this one!

  2. we’ll take some, we need all of it in vancouver for the winter olympics. our mountains are almost bone dry and they are flying in snow from other places. theirs a great comic in our weekly paper. a bunch of snowmen are in a helicopter getting ready to jump out above the olympic venues. one of the snowmens caption says “don’t we get parachutes?”

    it’s 9 degrees celsius and sunny here, people are drinking on the patios. i’m going skateboarding.

  3. here it doesn’t snow (in my city, it snowed twice in 100 years, but now we’re melting. after a whole week without any mark below 27 degrees, and reaching more than 40°C, it started to rain. in 3 days or so, the amount of rains doubled the average for the whole month!!

  4. As someone snowed in here in Crystal City (Arlington, VA), I wholeheartedly agree. They’ve plowed ONE F’n road in the county over 2 days since the snow ended.

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