Not THAT GUY again!

Brian Decker is no stranger to Modblog, in fact, rarely a week goes by that his name doesn’t get credited in a post. When I search the updates to various galleries looking  for photos worthy of featuring here, I try and maintain some sort of variety both in content and with the artist responsible for the work. However, Brian just keeps knocking out amazing piece after amazing piece and who am I to deny featuring them just  for the sake of variety?

Anyhow, when it comes to 3d art implants, not only is Brian awesome at the technical procedure he is also awesome  as an artistic silicone carver. He really understands what amount of detail will show through in the healed product and has the carving skills to make it all work. This picture of Nae’s 10 month old flower implant he did is a great showcase of those skills.


11 thoughts on “Not THAT GUY again!

  1. back of the hand is one of the few subdermal placements that i personally really like, and this one looks absolutely wonderful.

  2. I’ve always been curious about how the implant fits. The scar where it’s inserted is always so much smaller than the implant. *is confused*

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