Skate or Die!

This custom BME skateboard picture comes from the BME Art Gallery, a cool collection of IAM member submitted art. According to the info with the picture the board was made by  Miguel Leblanc, [ART & DESIGN] White Nuts. , Québec Canada.


If anyone knows if the artist or the guy in the picture (who may very well be the same person) are on IAM, leave me a comment here and I will link to them. For a picture of the board in all of it’s uncovered glory, keep on keeping on.

Update: I got this message from Miguel who designed this deck:

The design is printed on vinyl and stuck after on the board.
I have the design in adobe illustrator if you want it!

So if you want the design to take to a decal shop to have your very own BME Board, shoot me an email and I will get it for you.


9 thoughts on “Skate or Die!

  1. That MIGHT be for “snow-skating.” It probably attaches through the normal truck mount-holes and allows him to skate down a snowy slope.

  2. I think that wouldn’t work as one the mounts for trucks run along the board not across like the mount structure on the red board. Second is how difficult would it be riding a board on top of another board…that would be unusual to say the least. I think the red board is just a small possibly kids sized snow board or some custom made one an those mounts are for snow boots. Other than that the design kicks ass i would so have a bme deck problem is i either keep respraying my deck or i trash it lol

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