BME Girls Calendar 02/09/2010

Sorry for the delay! I was without intranet at home due to the DC area snow storm, so I am just now posting last weeks BME Girls Calendar entry. Voting will go from now until next Monday, so it will slightly overlap with the next entries voting but I want to make sure these three lovely ladies get a full week of voting as well.


For those of you interested in seeing this batch of girls who submitted their pictures for  possible use in the upcoming BME Girls Calendar, keep on reading. If this isn’t your thing, come back later for other types of modblog post.












About being a featured girlThis event is open to all BME Girls age 18 and over. Girls of all shapes, sizes and race are encouraged to submit pictures. Contestants can be dressed or nude, but nothing too pornographic will be featured. Pictures need to be of decent quality, lest the readers condemn me to hell for posting webcam shots. Agreeing to be involved is consenting to be featured in the calendar, if you are selected for it. If you want to suggest someone, feel free to do so. I will contact them and see if they are interested, but no one will be featured without their explicit approval. To submit pictures, please email them to [email protected] Make sure to include your IAM: name (or real name) in your email.

About votingVotes will be tallied by emailing [email protected], just make the subject “Vote (insert name of girl you choose)” and your vote will be tallied.  Votes will be anonymous, there is no reason for anyone to know who voted for whom and how many votes each girl got.  Voting for one week ends when the following weeks post goes up. Please note, this isn’t about competition, it’s about a fun, interactive way to get the readers involved in the selection process.

About Commenting: I am enforcing a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy for negative comments about the girls. They are being kind enough to share themselves with us and to help BME make a calendar, they should not have to fear public ridicule. Negative comments will be deleted, if we have a repeat offender, all of their future modblog comments will be sent to moderation. This isn’t about censorship, it’s about common courtesy and respect.

63 thoughts on “BME Girls Calendar 02/09/2010

  1. JSI has the NICEST ass I have ever seen.

    and yes, cigarettes do suck, I should know I’ve been trying to quit for years :/

  2. *eyeroll* You guys clearly do not watch enough noir films. Cigarettes are indeed very fucking sexy in the right context. I’d say that pic is the right context. You’re gorgeous, Pigmeu.

    (And yes, I quit, and I’m not righteous about it.)

  3. Pigmeu is gorgeous, full stop.

    Would it take a little bit too much imagination to look past the cigarette and concentrate on her fucking awesome body? How’s about she puts it in a fancy little holder like Audrey Hepburn?

    Pshh you guys suck sometimes.

    Pigmeu gets my vote.

  4. JSI #2…. Quite simply the most amazingness thing I’ve ever seen in all my life. Plus 1…

  5. What about that “strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy for negative comments about the girls” you were bragging about? Enforce it, then!
    I think Pigmeu is georgeous, with or without cigarette. And I hate cigarettes.

  6. I like Shannon’s pictures best. The tattoos are pretty, the pictures are cute. And she doesn’t look like a porn star, which is good. There’s not enough support for her ://

  7. soo the first girl is waay hot but i can’t stand her tattoos so that spoils it for me. plus she just looks like any other girl who’s in nude pics. know what i mean?
    the second girl is the shit. pretty. nice tats. everything. but that cigarette? ugh. don’t get me wrong i smoke myself but it’s just not sexy. there is noothing sexy about smoking and most definitively not the way she is smoking. i still vote for her b/c w/o the cig she’s perfect.

  8. @29, That policy applies to all of these post. However, comments are not moderated unless they have something that the filters catch or the comment comes from a ISP that we have set to moderate comments due to previous problems.

    Everyone else. Say something nice about who you like, no need to criticize those you don’t or compare one girl to the others. Anything negative will be deleted as soon as I get online and can get to it. If a negative comment is left an email warning may be sent. If we have repeat offenders there account can be set to moderate all comments, on any modblog post.

    Also, lots of people are commenting here about who they would like to vote for. However, ONLY email votes sent to [email protected] as described int he rules will actually be counted.

    Please take a minute and read the rules that are posted below the girls with each entry if you haven’t already and feel free to email or im me with any questions or concerns.

  9. it’d be awesome for the girls who submit to write a sentence or two about themselves, I always wonder what they’re ‘really’ like :)

  10. JSI is really wonderfull but I prefer not to photoshop photos as much as she did – she looks a little bit plastic…And Pigmeu is totally gorgeous…

  11. Really? I thought there was a zero tolerance policy. Way to stick to it. All three are beautiful, and I’m placing my vote for pigmeu, cigarette and all. They’re all great. But to everyone with something bad to say, be kind. No one wants to hear negative comments. Someone please enforce this so called “strict” zero tolerance policy.

  12. I think every single one of these girls so far has been nothing short of beautiful. It’s the cigarette that’s not so much. I’m definitely not feeling any negativity towards the pretty girls. :-)

  13. So far in this feature, I have seen a few kind of cute photos, but most of these make me throw up in my mouth. I hope the calendar is classier than pictures like the first couple.

  14. Sean, that’s not a good excuse in my opinion. It was stated zero tolerance and in your comment you said there is a very high tolerance. moderate the comments if you’re going to post things like this. words hurt and you’re the one posting the photographs of the girls with a complete disregard to their feelings. How about turning off the comments if no one can catch them? It’s like Bush and the Kurds. “We’ll protect you. Oh wait no we won’t, fend for yourselves.”

  15. @chokeold, I agree completely. Up until this weeks entry it hasn’t been much of an issue, and the moderate after the fact tactic worked. I don’t know how to set al the comments to moderation, or cut off commenting but I am looking into those options now.

  16. JSI, Whata hottie. She looks really exotic in the first pic lol Plus, I totally want her footie pajamas.

  17. Sean, I already submited some photos but I feel I may have some better ones in the near future as I am going some play piercings and such. Can I continue to submit pictures or can we only submit once?

  18. i’m confused by this “negative comment” business. no need to freak out over a couple of tactless goons. obviously all of these women are *beautiful* – i mean come on now

  19. Aw man. They’re all ridiculously gorgeous @[email protected]

    I love Shannon’s backpieces! They’re so gorgeous! I just wish the pictures depicted her sitting up straighter to show off her beautiful body better =)

  20. I… am speechless. I want to say so many nice things, but I don’t know where to start. I think JSI just changed my life, Pigmeu just blew my mind, and Shannon definitely inspired me.

    But seriously, that first picture is going to stay with me a while.

  21. hey shannon here!!! thanks for the love! I have actually had alot more added to the peacock…its on my deviant site under shannonc21! I thought i would tell you about myself! I am a 23 year old preschool teacher and work with autistic kids. I also ride in rodeos and jumping cometitions! Just a laid back farm girl lol! Love the other ladys too!!!

  22. hey shannon here!!! thanks for the love! I have actually had alot more added to the peacock…its on my deviant site under shannonc21! I thought i would tell you about myself! I am a 23 year old preschool teacher and work with autistic kids. I also ride in rodeos and jumping cometitions! Just a laid back farm girl lol! Love the other ladys too!!!

  23. I think JSI wins this batch. I have a slight issue with her playing with the idea of being a naked child in the photo. I guess the thought of guys or girls getting off to children grosses me out. Also, smoking is really not attractive to many many many people. Perhaps you should have done one picture of the second girl smoking, and one without her smoking. She would have gotten more votes maybe? JSI all the way.

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