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  1. on the practical side: how do you breathe through your nose with a septum ring THAT size?

    i’m not a huge fan of large septum piercings, but each to their own 🙂


  2. When I saw this, my first question was “how many times would I have to stretch my septum from 6ga to 1/2?”

    Answer: at least 6.

    Next question: “How do they get the jewelry together?”

  3. im pretty sure that with this ring, it involves a screw. not exactly sure how that works but ive seen that ring on BAF.
    this is my goal size and it looks awesome!

  4. I have trouble breathing with a 8ga retainer in my nose, but then again i have quite a petite nose that won’t let me stretch past 8g. I imagine you just don’t breathe through your nose and rely on your mouth only.

    I wish I could go bigger, as I like the feeling of weight in my nose, but I doubt I’d ever go to 1/2″
    I think thats bigger than my nose altogether.

  5. Breathing with large septum jewlery (I am also at 1/2 inch) is not an issue for most – especially with a properly placed piercing. My breathing is the same with or without jewelry. If stretching is your goal, its just one more reason to get a well done and properly placed piercing.

  6. 8ga? I just bought a 4ga over the weekend. It makes 8ga look like nothing.

  7. @jumpino, thanks for the link. Owning a piercing shop myself, I really don’t look at the jewelry in BME shop, so I had no idea it was sold there!

  8. @1
    I’d never have thought of that. I’m asthmatic so breathing through my mouth is natural to me. I feel suffocated if I breathe through my nose.
    Funny how different people find different things “normal” eh?

  9. I know I’m slightly embarrassed at having such a small septum. Maybe the placement was a bit off, although I got it done at a trusted piercer.

  10. meh when my septum was at 7/16 I fulltimed a silicon earskin anyway so breathing was’nt troubled, I was always too worried about getting into a fight or a car accident and having something terrible happen to my face

  11. I hope that thing’s titanium; I have some steel circular barbells and even at 00g it hurts my nose to leave it in all day.

  12. so cool. i usually just stick to eyelets, cos a big ring touching my lip kinda bugs after a while… but i always like the way it looks.

  13. I was going to ask the same thing about the breathing, and I am a piercer but no matter how well placed the piercing is with a ring that thick I would still imagine that it blocks the nasal passages quite a bit, by all means correct me if I’m wrong as I don’t specialize in stretched septums and I would love to know how it doesn’t block the airways?
    But it does look awesome!!

  14. Oh boy. Quite a look, good for him.

    Slowly working towards 4g myself, can’t imagine how long this must have taken!

  15. i love big septums. these posts make me happy!
    and to answer #2
    with jewelry in its super hard to breathe with. my 1/2″ tusk is horribly unpractical. but with an eyelet one breathes better than normal!

  16. bird, i’m the same. i stretched my septum to 0g and wore a steel tunnel. it wasn’t uncomfortable but a knock to the nose was pretty painful, and the chance of an actual punch to the nose would’ve done massive damage, so i took it out. i guess a flexitunnel solves that problem though eh?

  17. Well, with this ring breathing is ok. It’s a little impaired, but it works. I think the curvature makes it possible. With spikes or tusks in that size the airways are completely blocked.

  18. @craig yeah dude I highly recommend getting one of the silicon earskins, I always had to trim the flares down on mine a little with a razor blade to get it to not dig into the inside of my nose but yeah no more worring about get smacked in the face and having your septum split in half

  19. Well i got a septum piercing for like 7 years with an earplug,i was very happy about it because i stretched it very much,but the shit came when i got a stable couple and it started hurting when kissing LOL because we were used to harcore kisses,so it got hurt several times and i finally decided to remove it definitely.

    I still got the holeand the jewels,and wish to get it stretched till i can get my little finger through again.

    Greetings and shiny but heavy Jewel,am sure you cant stand it half an hour:)

  20. i can no longer wear earskins at my size no matter how much i trim the flares or silicone eyelets anymore.
    and the solution ive found for wearing hard plugs was to stretch up and allow denting to occur then downsziing back down. and it gets super comfy

  21. when stretching how do u find the placent of the inside f the nose change i wpould really like do an illustration of the stretched septum and also work on an illustration diagram to explain the sweetspot and and the gradual change of the nose being effected by a 1/2 inch space.

  22. does the inner septum cartilage wall form to the diameter wall of the piercing. i was looking at Wong’s previous image looking into his nose trying to figure out how far the nose alters to form to a stretched hole.

  23. i think itll depend on the person. i think if a person’s cartilage will dent easier than it is for the piercing to droop down, then it may become more hidden like mine.

    and if a person’s cartilage is very slow to dent, then it will rather push down on the septum showing some droop before the cartilage has much time to dent?

    so i’d say to accommodate the hole that big it would be a combination of the two? within mine being mostly in the cartilage denting.

    and as far as the sweetspot goes, its just the thin tissue between the nose cartilage and the thicker part of the tissue on the nose. and since the two are not really “connected” the sweet spot is that separation.

  24. i just got to 4ga with a clear earskin, working up to an 9/16 (may go higher with time) and the only thing breathing wise ive noticed is sometimes when i breathe in it whistles lol.

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