BMEshop 30% off sale!

As I have mentioned previously, BME’s world tour is going to be financed through a combination of sponsorships, my own personal income and BME’s income. Since I’m waiting on a couple of sponsorships to come through, I need to get a move on with booking our travel arrangements. Since I’ll be doing that on Friday after I confirm everything with the winners, I figured I’d kick off some fund raising efforts with a HUGE 30% off sale on BMEshop! Use the coupon code “worldtour” to get 30% on EVERYTHING except for needles, punches and anesthetics. Everything else is on sale though from Tshirts to Prints and Books, DVD’s to every kind of jewelry we have in stock! This is a great time to save some cash while getting something that you’ve been wanting and to help finance BME’s tour to bring us to a city near you!


Brian caught my eye while I was browsing through the Facial Tattooing section over on BME. His work is by Eric Rignal at Inkstop tattoo in New York City.

The sale ends Friday! To recap, 30% off with “worldtour” discount code until Friday at BMEshop!

22 thoughts on “BMEshop 30% off sale!

  1. I really want to buy something to help out….but, only 3 bme logo shirts….no stickers…there’s not much of a selection….it would be nice to see some BME stuff back in the BME shop.

  2. I got all excited and went to the shop to get the Happy Sun t shirt I’ve always wanted…but then the shipping cost more than the shirt. Sigh.

    Diggin’ this guy’s throat piece. The cross on his forehead looks like a sticker (awesome).

  3. There is tons of “BME stuff” on the shop. There are BME shirts, belt buckles, plugs, accessories etc. When more stuff sells out, we’ll be able to replace it. We just can’t afford to have a huge back stock of stuff.

    As far as the shipping issues, we’re looking into some other options but we have to keep ourselves protected which is why we only ship express mail with tracking numbers otherwise if/when stuff gets lost, we’re left holding the bag, or worse when someone lies and says something wasn’t delivered, we’re able to prove that it was.

  4. Why doesn’t bme get updated anymore? I mean, this youtube contest is cool and all.. (care less) but, is that reasoning for their to have been no updates to the pictures in about a month?

  5. Shit.the.bed: What are you talking about? BME has been getting updated. The only thing not being updated as usual is the main page cover image because there is an error that keeps breaking it. Check the whats new page. I just added 190 experiences.

  6. =D I’ve been waiting to snag the Dr. BME eyelets for YEARS… good timing!

  7. Those are some kick ass double nostril piercings. But whats up with so many bod-modders smokin cigs?

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