Tasty Tasty Tattoos

Once upon a time I was at work and got a ferocious craving for a corn dog. We searched all the local delivery joints and even the grocery store and not a single corn dog was to be found anywhere! To make sure I NEVER had to be without a corn dog again, I got one tattooed upon my shin that very night.

I doubt shahafpoint, being a vegetarian would ever get a tasty, tasty corn dog tattooed upon him, but his  corn schnitzel tattoo (by Snir Zelman in Israel) is damn cool none the less.

You may also remember his Tic Tac tattoo tribute to his grandmother, can we expect more tasty, tasty tattoos on him in the future?


For two more angles of the corn schnitzel tattoo, keep on keeping on.



11 thoughts on “Tasty Tasty Tattoos

  1. Keep on keeping on, I was afraid you had listened to those losers who hate when you say that.

  2. the blue clouds and the black shading looks pretty.. ‘westernised oriental style’. dang, if u know what i meant..

  3. i GET it, but…i dont get it. its a good looking tattoo, i just…dont get it.

  4. me being german and being a waitress at a schnitzel resturant, i gotta say: this is not a schnitzel. still looks tasty though :]

  5. @5… It looks like a corn schnitzel to me… Chances are you wouldn’t have it in a German restaurant because to my understanding it’s an Israeli thing.

  6. I’m from sweden, and I’m a vegetarian. And just yesterday I ate two corn-schnitzels.
    I love corn-schnitzels and I love the tattoo.

  7. What the hell is a corn dog?

    But still even though I don’t know what it is (oh the sheltered life I lead in little old Ireland) it’s a very cool tattoo ^_^

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