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So here is a rather ingenious recession-era idea, since all of the food, everywhere, will soon be looted by roving packs of the unemployed (read: everyone), our friend shahafpoint has drafted this prototype candy that also grows nutritious herbs and spices! As dark as the days may get, at least we will be able to dry our tears with oregano leaves.

Wait, no, shahafpoint got this piece in tribute to his grandmother and her Tic Tac addiction. That’s much sweeter.

(Tattoo by Avi Nassi at Psycho in Tel Aviv, Israel.)

And just like that, Friday night is flashing us, signaling it’s time to go. What happened this week, anyway?

  • We handed out our year-end awards, in case you missed them! Thanks, everyone!
  • A minor shitstorm over an eyebrow-removal scarification has progressed into a full-blown wild-shitfire, which continues to burn, murdering everything in its path.
  • The BME Scholarship is back! This is a really excellent cause. Give accordingly.
  • Clint Eastwood thinks you’re all a bunch of pussies.
  • Ferg and La Negra wasted valuable food, because they are bad, sexy people.
  • And there we have it. A post or two over the weekend, and then we put on our game-face and get back to it, Monday morning. Stay tuned next week for a fun article on a piercer who has been around forever, more or less, and who had a pretty full year that’s only getting busier. Until then, stay safe, and thank you for your continued support of BME. Have a great weekend.

    11 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. I love how the tic tacs are growing right out of the mint plant! I love this tattoo…the idea, execution and inspiration behind it. It’s wonderful. One of my faves on ModBlog.

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