Ladies seem to love this man.

The moment Cole first shared full frontal male nudity on Modblog he became a big hit with the ladies. When he was featured on the BME Boys Calendar post, his popularity with the ladies increased even more.

Well, I am hoping this picture, hand picked for March Mustache Madness puts a permanent end to his desirability by the ladies! Ok, ok, just kidding. I mean honestly, if the female modblog readers are going to get their rocks off to a man that’s not me, it may as damn well be my man Cole.


38 thoughts on “Ladies seem to love this man.

  1. Ahaha. I love his photography.

    Not to mention his smoking looks and yummy tatties. 🙂

  2. i love the chest thing. i want something similar done on my side. anyone have any idea where it originates? it looks like macrame or damask

  3. The pose and the look on his face just makes one want to add in a caption of ‘Hello, Ladies’.

  4. ok, i’m getting kinda sick of this dude. millions of people with tattoo’s and this dude is the only one that seems to like to take pictures??? let’s see what else is out, plz?

  5. the bandana is the best thing about the pic. i think this site is populated with many, many more stunning men.. its a shame y’all spend so much time on this one

  6. I dunno…I love his ink, and he is a hottie…total hottie…but the tash doesnt do it for me…kinda reminds me of daniel day lewis in “Gangs of new york” and I definately didnt like that look (prefer lewis’s last of the mohicans look)..

    so yea..cole is still a hottie but be more so without the tash…sowwy 🙁 lol

  7. Umm, no click through to nudity? How ’bout a pubic stache, all twirled up at the edges? Make it happen!

  8. God, those blue eyes kill me everytime. I love him with and without the stash. This boy deff can’t do wrong when it comes to his appearance.

  9. I love his chestpiece… His angry squid is sorta great too 😀

    but I am still confused about his pubes from the full frontal post…

  10. Just noticed the Daniel Day Lewis look-a-likeness from Crazy Face mentioning it & I love this picture even more. I <3 Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York.

  11. I love the style and placement of his tats, not to mention he’s major eye candy!

  12. It’s true, there’s something irresistible about this man. mhmmmyum. Keep it up Cole, making ladies panties wet all around the world.

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