Mustache’s are not just for drunkards

Today’s March Mustache Madness entry comes to us from a dapper young gentleman who goes by sxe rob.

Asides from his macho mustache he also has a chest rocker by Cindy Solano at NoKaOi in Philadelphia, 1 3/8″ ears, 12 ga paired lip percings, 12 ga monroe, and 14 ga double nostrils.


My mustache has come and gone but it always makes me happy.

The Great Mustachio!

Aka The Great Orbax. When I first posted about March Mustache Madness, tons of submissions came in. In fact all of my personal emails, and my IAM inbox are overflowing with mustaches now. However, when Orbie messaged me on facebook and said:

Moustache madness and I haven’t even been contacted…. thanks Sean.

ya big jerk 😛

I felt bad, he’s right though, how could I even consider making a mustache feature without Orbax, the man who has rocked a handlebar for years, way before it became a modern trend.

A lot of people credit Oliver Peck for the modern resurgence of the handlebar mustache, but really we all know he was just ripping off Orbax. In fact all of you owe your upper lip greatness to the man behind the stache. Hell not even 3rd degree burns could end the greatness of his most epic mustache.

So let us take a moment to pay tribute to the one, the only The Great Orbax.






Ladies seem to love this man.

The moment Cole first shared full frontal male nudity on Modblog he became a big hit with the ladies. When he was featured on the BME Boys Calendar post, his popularity with the ladies increased even more.

Well, I am hoping this picture, hand picked for March Mustache Madness puts a permanent end to his desirability by the ladies! Ok, ok, just kidding. I mean honestly, if the female modblog readers are going to get their rocks off to a man that’s not me, it may as damn well be my man Cole.