Mustache’s are not just for drunkards

Today’s March Mustache Madness entry comes to us from a dapper young gentleman who goes by sxe rob.

Asides from his macho mustache he also has a chest rocker by Cindy Solano at NoKaOi in Philadelphia, 1 3/8″ ears, 12 ga paired lip percings, 12 ga monroe, and 14 ga double nostrils.


My mustache has come and gone but it always makes me happy.

30 thoughts on “Mustache’s are not just for drunkards

  1. Don’t know whay I thought this said “Mustaches are not just for DrunkTards” but yeah, nice jewelery, not digging those impossibley pointless “nerd” glasses though, but everything else is cool!

  2. i have to say this boy definitely fits certain hipster stereotypes, and i wonder if the glasses are real or not, but i dont really care, he’s really handsome ! :P

  3. I’m just going to have to be a grammar and punctuation nazi for a second here and mention that there should not be an apostrophe in the title.
    Mustaches in that phrase is plural, not possessive. Just sayin’…

    DON’T KILL ME! *ducks*

  4. He is just the hottest Mustache Madness guy to me so far. And for those who are wondering, I’m 99.99% sure those are “real” glasses. And if i’m right, I can even bet that he’s nearsighted.

  5. very dapper- I love the curls! I’ve always wondered if shaving with lip piercings is tricky at all.

    those glasses look real- you can tell by the way the lenses slightly warp his face, like with the left lens. I can’t explain it properly- the face inside the lens is slightly smaller than outside.

  6. hipster!!! haha jk =]
    i like how its a 12g and balls are not large.ive been looking for that.
    and im hoping to get my double nostril soon.
    anyways…thumbs up

  7. im al about the facial here i totally forgot i was meant to be looking at his tattoo! haha

  8. god knows what was happening with my spelling heres what i meant to put.

    im all about the facial hair i totally forgot i was meant to be looking at his tattoo! haha

  9. I can’t see anything past a foot in front of my face. And my glasses are from the early 50s. I don’t personally see them as nerd glasses, I just like vintage glasses.

  10. there is a little bit of both treatment for those tattoo lovers and those of piercing lovers. This guy is handsome looking and one awesome retro dude. loving the glasses, but not to fall against cultural racism i do hate the fact that a lot vietnamese, japanese or chinese girls and guys go out and wear complete fake glasses with either no lenses or one that are non-prescriptive, i just want to rip them off there face and step on them. love the lettering on the chest/collarbones area, i have to ask, what does it stand for and what does it say?

  11. i dont hate other cultures i just find it ridiculously odd and pointless,
    excuse me even mentioning this

  12. IT says “i’m a stupid motherfucker who wants to be a nerd because being a nerd wasn’t cool but Kanye West made it cool so i’m going to be gangster” People are so obsessed with being a “nerd” these days. Sorry about the glasses comment if they’re actually used for their intended purpose.

  13. The chest tattoo by Cindy is amazing! She is by far one of the best female tattooers in Philly! Plus the glasses are amazing..

  14. i agree with “trip” becuase all the kids think its soo cool to wear big glasses now without the lenses and its annoying.sorry for going off topic but yeah

  15. What a sex machine! haha
    And those glasses make him look so fine!

    What a handsome guy all around. :p

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