Earning money the blue collar way, with tools.

When it comes to Modblog worthy pictures, few groups can compete with Agro recently. The guys and gals of Agro have performed some incredible and cutting edge suspensions and body play, like  the trampoline super pull and Neil’s single point stomach we featured recently.

At a recent performance the Agro folks used a common sideshow money maker, having people staple money to one of their performers.

I remember seeing this stunt performed by Capt. Don Leslie many years ago, and he made out pretty well from it. I bet this pretty young lady faired even better.

Thanks to Mike Kelton, for submitting this image.cxc8-great-show

26 thoughts on “Earning money the blue collar way, with tools.

  1. As a piercer, this makes me want to die inside haha. All the time spent on sanitation and quality jewelry, Who knew I could just staple the dirtiest substance known to man on somebody!

  2. hahaha the BME nazi in me wants to scream “aghh dont pin that dirty money to your skin!!”… but i’m sure she’ll survive.

  3. Didn’t your momma tell ya , “if you aint got nothin nice to say, don’t say nothin at all.” There always has to be some ass talkin shit. The guy in the back round with the mask on, That is Mike Kelton. Who is a Iam.bmezine verified Piercer AND an APP Member. I have been involved in suspension and sideshow performance for the past nine years and am A verified professional Tattoo/scarification artist for fifteen and eight years respectively. There is no need to preach to us about Aseptic Technique. There is a thing called informed risk and some of us do not live our lives in a vacuum. Of course there is a risk and just to satisfy anyones curiosity, she was just fine. No staph, Hep, or leprosy problems to date. If you look at My volume of work over the past 9 Years I have been active on Iam.bme, whether it be my personal gallery’s on my Iam page or any one of the contributions I have made through D.E.E.P. Suspension Team, S.T.S.T., CoRE, or A.G.R.O. Suspension gallery’s , I am sure you will find something a little more legitimate to bitch about. And I still won’t care what you think. Do something productive and positive before you decide to bad mouth me and mine. haha!!

  4. This has been done by sideshow performers for a really long time and I love this stunt! There’s a touring sword-swallower who does this with a staple gun.

  5. I really tried to read what he wrote, but honestly he’s just coming off as a dick head. Relax, no one wants to read your paragraph and no one was talking “shit”. So, no need to feel you need to defend yourself, although you should… and feel insecure. APP doesn’t permit piercing in hotel rooms, but i’m sure that is informed risk, but you’ll still lose your APP membership for being sleazy and gross.

  6. Money is one of the dirtiest things on the planet, so I’m glad to hear she was fine.

  7. hmmm, i guess it just kinda makes me think of….prostitutes. Weird, whatever gets the job done i guess.

  8. I honestly understand the sideshow aspect of stuff, and obviously someone would know the risk involved with using a staple gun to attach money to themselves. I was just being lighthearted and silly.

  9. Damn right I get High on my horse and very defensive as well. “nobody gives a fuck about you!!” that’s a laugh!!
    That’s why there are 30 people involved in my pull two months ago. I have seen it happen too many times via BME that someone post something and there is a whole lynch mob out to get em. Basically it is people trying to flex there mental might by pointing out that some else did something they think is wrong and they get to be the one to point it out. Like the time Shannon wrote some SHIT about a friend of mine who went on Extreme make over, had thousands of dollars in plastic surgery done and people here wanted to call her a whore. Or, when there was an accident down in Florida and people wanted to send hate mail to my friend Joe even though they had NO fuckin idea what they are talking about. I am going to come to the defense of myself and crew every time. So, go right ahead and make your shitty remarks behind your anonymous post. I would love to visit you page and point out all your bullshit as well. Keep watchin MODBLOG, I will be back with more stuff for you to talk shit about!!

  10. Dude, chill the hell out. A lot of people are grossed out by money in the first place, so with the added bonus of doing the middle school “let’s use this stapler on our arms” thing, it seems pretty unsanitary and rough. That’s not “shit talking,” that’s voicing an opinion that you just don’t happen to like.

    Either way, I like the tattoos and/or makeup on her face.

  11. Rick, i love you and i miss you and the rest of the AGRO team. To the rest of you, i am the girl in the picture, and yes i was well awaire of the risks and im perfectly fine!!!. It was a show, it amused people and raised money for AGRO. It was not a rusty old gun and staples, it was very clean, yes the money is dirty but the staples only went in 1/8 of an inch, and were cleaned and sanitized thoroughly after. im sure everyone has handled money with a cut on their finger or hand and didnt have it immediatly sanitized after as well as i did, and your not dead. Quit being so judgemental.

  12. Look you guys, nobody made her do it. She wanted to. Honestly I think it’s a clever idea to raise money, even though money is gross, who cares?! And Rick.. really? at least everyone else voiced their opinions (for or against) without being a douche. so knock it off! and enjoy the posts :)

  13. ok so we’re only supposed to care some of the time then when it comes to being clean and using sterile materials?

  14. “Please humanity a favor and fall in a hole!”
    cute, and you can go back to school to learn to make a sentence.

  15. My sister sent me this message>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.


    I should have just said , “brilliant observation Captain obvious!!” of course Money is dirty. It surely shouldn’t take a piercer to point that out. I can admit to being an ass. I have been accused of that a lot.

  16. oops!! here is her message………

    re: modblog staple gun comments

    the first two comments weren’t exactly positive, but they could have been much worse. they both pointed out that money isn’t clean and stapling it in your skin may not be the cleanest thing in the world. you responded *rather* defensively. honestly, i’d have to say, yes, you overreacted… just a tad. i still love you tho! even if you are a fucker! JAJAJA!!!

  17. As a contortionist and sideshow performer for over 8 years, I have performed this trick several times, and I can assure you the risk involved is quite low. Of course any time you breach the skin barrier, there are risks involved, but much less so in a case like this than in many other generally accepted forms of body mod/play. The people on this sight are well-informed enough not to freak out when they see pictures of somebody HANGING from FISH HOOKS stuck through LARGE CHUNKS of their SKIN, because they know or assume that the people involved A) know what they’re doing B) are aware of the risks and C) are consenting adults. So maybe you should give these practitioners the same benefit. This act is NOT giving piercers a bad name because these are not “piercings” – the skin itself is pierced, yes, but not as the word has evolved to be understood in this community. That’s as logical as complaining that suspensions give fly fishers a bad name.
    There are several factors to a trick like this that I am not at liberty to divulge (I’ll be blackballed from the Magician’s Association Guild Club!! …. ), but I assure you, the risks are in no way greater than the benefit. I’ve made 200 in about half an hour walking around a crowd with a staple gun, and I’d do it again!

  18. #24 – Have to disagree that the benefits are not greater than the risks. What if someone grabbed your stapler and went to town on themselves; then you immediately used it after, without any kind of cleaning, and without knowing said person has a life threatening disease?

    As someone who knows several sideshow performers who do this, they make the choice of their own accord. The general rule is that you do not share the stapler with anyone else [duh], and that you clean up with some sort of antiseptic after removing the staples [duh again]. There may very well be individuals who do not follow this practice, but again, it is to their OWN risk.

    Having said that, while I enjoy putting stainless steel swords and other objects in my throat, I would NEVER let people staple money to me. That’s just my choice.

  19. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
    If you are practitioners concerned about blood-borne diseases and bacterial infection, you should not have let this go on at your show, and as such I would not ever want to be suspended by the group in question knowing their standards are this low. Though they’re shallow wounds you could certainly catch Hep. C through them.

    re: #24 It is giving body piercing/suspension a bad name as it was performed at an event starring people known as suspension artists. Doesn’t matter that it’s a consenting adult doing this, that it’s a performance, or whether it’s a suspension hook, piercing needle, play piercing needle or staples, the same rules of basic bio safety should ALWAYS apply to anyone involved in a show if you want people to trust you and yours with their health.

    How can you compare suspension performed with clean tools in a clean environment to this? A women stapling filthy, bacteria (and potentially worse) ridden banknotes from strangers into herself, and, presumably not properly sterilizing the notes afterward, before putting them back into circulation and spreading her utter foulness on others as casually as she inflicted it on herself.

    IMHO should be serious grounds for having APP membership reviewed.

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