BME Girls Calendar 03/12/2010


For those of you interested in seeing this batch of girls who submitted their pictures for  possible use in the upcoming BME Girls Calendar, keep on reading. If this isn’t your thing, come back later for other types of modblog post.

REMEMBER: Absolutely zero negative comments will be tolerated!!!!!!

Lindsey May
About being a featured girlThis event is open to all BME Girls age 18 and over. Girls of all shapes, sizes and race are encouraged to submit pictures. Contestants can be dressed or nude, but nothing too pornographic will be featured. Pictures need to be of decent quality, lest the readers condemn me to hell for posting webcam shots. Agreeing to be involved is consenting to be featured in the calendar, if you are selected for it. If you want to suggest someone, feel free to do so. I will contact them and see if they are interested, but no one will be featured without their explicit approval. To submit pictures, please email them to [email protected] Make sure to include your IAM: name (or real name) in your email.

About votingVotes will be tallied by emailing [email protected], just make the subject “Vote (insert name of girl you choose)” and your vote will be tallied.  Votes will be anonymous, there is no reason for anyone to know who voted for whom and how many votes each girl got.  Voting for one week ends when the following weeks post goes up. Please note, this isn’t about competition, it’s about a fun, interactive way to get the readers involved in the selection process.

About Commenting: I am enforcing a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy for negative comments about the girls. They are being kind enough to share themselves with us and to help BME make a calendar, they should not have to fear public ridicule. Negative comments will be deleted, if we have a repeat offender, all of their future modblog comments will be sent to moderation. This isn’t about censorship, it’s about common courtesy and respect.

72 thoughts on “BME Girls Calendar 03/12/2010

  1. Lindsey May has got my vote. So many lovely women, so difficult to decide! Bravo ladies!

  2. All of these girls are GORGEOUS!

    I think I’d have to go with Jocelyn though 🙂

  3. I really like Katies piercing placements. Very nice choices for her facial structure.

  4. lindsey’s photos i like the strong bright colors from her pictures, now one can no say less is more, i am not saying lets loose the shirt and pants and lets se how far the tattoos go to see if there is any other body adornments. there could have been a digression in her shots. but she isindeed very beautiful.
    jocelyn she just loves playing house BME style i give here 6 stars, because she already has 6 stars haha.
    best to note shes having fun with the photoshooting, shes in the bedroom and then on top of the fridge and on the kitchen floor. i like her playfulness.

  5. Look on Lindsey’s left leg on her second photo … seems there’s a bit more hidden … simply gorgeous tats & pics!!

  6. thanks for all the lovely compliments! And yeah I realized I sent in all profile shots. I have a whole face, I promise. 😉


  8. wow, lindsey may is so beautiful!! very classy well put together chick, just lovely.
    kaite is very cute, love the piercings and bright colors, she looks like a dolly.
    jocelyn would look great in a bikini or something, a girl should leave a little something to the imagination, she comes off as a little too desperate. her tits aren’t even tattooed or anything.
    hope this calendar leaves the porn-like pics out and focuses on, ahem, the art of mods. beautiful girls overall!

  9. Huh, I thought the negative comments were being left out. The photos I submitted were from a photo shoot that was specifically topless. Besides, my nipples are pierced, last I checked, piercings were mods.

  10. Huh, I thought the negative comments were being left out. The photos I submitted were from a photo shoot that was specifically topless. Besides, my nipples are pierced, last I checked, piercings were mods.

  11. yeah, i’m wondering how that comment amde it through moderation, what with the, you know… negativeness? porn-like pics? i thought they were just artful nudes, but i’m just a photographer, what do i know? anyway, i’m pretty sure nudity and the art of body mods kind of go hand in hand… since nudity shows the BODY, and its they are BODY mods.. call me crazy…

  12. KAITE!

    this is my favourite BMEGirls post. I’ve admired Lindsey May’s awesome physique for ages.

    And kaite’s just a babe. always.

  13. Lindsey May- Hot damn, that’s a walking marriage proposal right there 😉

    To the other ladies- Hot damn! Those are both walking divorce papers right there! 😉

    Still, the vote is for Lindsey May, just too, too much.

  14. dear “crazy”, (doojcore)
    i wasn’t meaning any disrespect, simply stating my own humble opinion that i hope this calendar is artfully put together with beautiful, modded ladies who don’t need to be naked, posing sexily on a bed, or trying so hard to hold that pose type of thing. i love the girls who are naturally beautiful without trying too hard, who, in their every day lives, have lovely mods, and have some personality shining through.
    and of course nipple piercings are mods, but who hasn’t seen them a billion times? is this calendar simply another excuse for girls to try to show what great sex objects they can pose themselves into? (cause we all know sex sells) or isn’t it a chance for unique, modded women to show the world what different forms beauty comes in???

  15. First, I’m yet again amazed by the great quality of the pictures! professionally taken or not, they are all gorgeous, colourfull and interesting. I espescially love the ‘realness’ (I watch too much Ru Paul) of them by mostly not beeing standart beauty shots. I personally would love to see Katie featured; she seems very artistic and I like the unpredictabillity in her shots (besides, anyone that can rock yellow hair and not look like big bird like I did, can rock just about anything)

    in reaction to previous comments about the artistic (!) nudes, I think it has more to do with preception than anything else. Titties and cunts aren’t just for playing, but can be art by themselves – as well as the rest of the human body. Just because it’s exciting, doesn’t mean it’s porn. I was actually suprised hearing such statements on a website dedicated by art, body & mind and adornments – Personally I believe the total picture of a modified body is what makes it such an interesting subject – not the tattoo or piercing by itself, which would seem more like painting. It’s the collaboration between nature and man made and the fact that it always changes that makes it stand out from all other artforms! It would therefore make sense to display it in all its glory. Though,
    I do agree clothes do add a certain mystery and will make the viewer wonder about hidden art.. Which only will be more intense if you’d do both.

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