And these guys just keep showing up here

Seriously, I told you these Agro guys are constantly providing some Modblog worthy content.

Saturday, I was cruising people’s IAM pages looking for possible features when I came across Jesse Star’s page there was this video of Jesse riding a minibike while suspending!  I instantly flashed back to the TSD roller blade spinning beam video from many years ago, and that is a huge compliment to these guys.

Jesse provided the following info to go with the video:

Rick Piercall runs the group (AGRO). The harness attached to the bike was holding no weight. It was just so if I was airborne and dropped the bike with my hands. The bike did not fall down and brake my ankles backwards. 2 point 4 ga gilson suicide. feet heavily attached to the seat with rope, foam, and tape. The first runs did not use the safety harness we just figured it to be a good idea.

18 thoughts on “And these guys just keep showing up here

  1. yea, we’ve been toying with that idea!! got a few things to work out, though! Jesse is one tough kat, and made this look way too fun!!

  2. Jesse you are an insane man and I love this video….not as good as the one of you and jared on the spinning beam, but still amazing none the less.

  3. so typical , turning ancient ritual into a circus
    wanking,bowling, fucking, reading books while suspended

  4. I don’t really see suspension as an ancient ritual. I do suspensions, on a more spiritual level, but I’m not ancient. It’s my modern ritual. I feel that suspension, like anything else is what you make of it. Piercing for example used to be a spiritual ritual for some, and I now make a living doing it. So, should I quiet because it was once done in ancient times?

  5. @Loco…

    i’m gonna say, because they can…..

    that’s what i’m goin with…

    no one’s holdin a gun to yer head telling you to do a suspension in a fashion other than what you may consider traditional….. don’t like it, don’t do it…. live and let live and all that…

  6. The idea was born for our up coming circus show thinking of both the circus bear on a bike and the globe of death acts with suspension. Still working out a couple bugs. We might change minibikes. Having trouble with damn chain coming of in less than 5 min.

    I am an American therefor I have one language, A bad attitude and no culture or ritual. sorry for being born here.

  7. @Loco

    What I do has nothing to do with Spirituality or whatever other hangups you want to attach. Perk of being a modern primitive. We are not stuck in the limits of the past!

  8. Fuck anyone who wants to prevent fun in order to impose their idea of religion or “ancient ritual” on someone else.

    You have fun your way, I’ll have fun my way, and Jesse will have fun his way. Don’t be a dill hole by trying to spoil another person’s good time.

  9. haha cutThoat …doh!.xD knock knock…
    how can someone possibly prevent anything by asking why people do it
    your “fun” came from ancient ritual anyways

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