Where did all the BME Boys go?

So far only one BME Boys Calendar entry has been posted. It seems the boys are a good bit shyer than the girls when it comes to submitting pictures. Hopefully, this post reminds him and some other BME Boys to submit pics to Lexci, either via her IAM page or the email address connected to her bio below her post. You can also email me ([email protected]), and just make the submission BME Boys Calendar, and I will get it forwarded to her.

While perusing the galleries I came across this Brazillian BME Boy, Raldy, who I thought some of you might be into. Since he didn’t submit this picture for the calendar, it is not here to vote on.


19 thoughts on “Where did all the BME Boys go?

  1. Damn….I was just going to comment on how big his nostrils are, but then I noticed the nipples. Wow that’s some impressive stretching.

  2. great nipples…. my body just won’t seem to allow me to stretch that far so very envious

  3. I adore stretched nipples!! His are great and in general it’s so awesome to see nipples be able to hold big jewelry like that.

  4. Raldy is sooooo sexy.

    Can he stop being a baby daddy and come be MY BABY DADDY??

    I’ve never seen him actually wear plugs in his ears though.

  5. YES!!! Men calendar! :D awesome idea!
    Ow… that guy is hot! He should be on the cover of the men calendar….

  6. haha, I love you guys. some of your comments on modblog make my day/night. just priceless ;D

  7. Puffies are the best. I often fantasize about grabbing some perfect puffy nipples and slap’em back and forth. I dont really know what the attraction is, must be something to do with my teenage years and one of the first times I got a girl to let me play with her boobs, they popped out of her blouse and the nipples were all puffy, I was fascinated and couldnt look away. At the same time i had this rush of adrenaline and pure teenage hormone fire so strong that still to this day, whenever any of those memories are triggered I go instantly hard as a rock.

  8. I can’t help but notice the sketching on your sleeves and arms. Though they may not have too much going on in it but they are so classy. Kudos!!!!

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