Take that Damon Wayans!

I love cheesy reinterpretations of pop culture icons and ideals, and this piece by IAM member (and regular modblog commenter), Adam Burdine, is a prime example of just that.

One part movie reference+ one part currently trendy traditional style shark tattoo=  one very rad and creative piece.


24 thoughts on “Take that Damon Wayans!

  1. Reminds me of those childrens toys they had about 15 years ago. Anyone remember them? Sharks that had huge muscles.

  2. It’s always really nice to see neat tattoos instead of a mutilated penis.

  3. @3 Freaking street sharks!!! Those things were so badass! I forgot all about those things until now. Thanks!

  4. dig it but as Civ said in his last interview Shitty Lettering can screw up a good tattoo


    And thank you Sean for updating ModBog regularly. :) It’s been awesome.

  6. @3 – Oh. My. Golly.
    Street sharks were fucking amazing. I only slightly remember watching the television show, but the action figures are what really had me hooked. I remember playing with their big, flexible jaws in the bathtub. Good times.

  7. what’s up with the individual galleries like for big septums and big nostrils and … , it hasn’t been updated since more than a motnh ago ?! DO IT !!!!

  8. both the body and the shark head are just stolen from sailor jerry flash(if yer gonna bite, bite the classics), so yeah the leg isn’t exactly anatomically correct or anything, just a silly little banger tattoo on the apprentice of the shop i’m at

  9. Actually, Adam, I think the leg in question that they are speaking about is that of the owner of this piece. .. At least I’m guessing that is, at least, since it looks.. Off.

  10. oh, the story behind it is simply that i drew the boxing shark, for the fuck of it, and my friends apprentice, Brandon, came up with the title gag, so he got it tattooed as a reward for being funny.

  11. So is that a legit Supercult banger that Seth Ciferri and Chase Lisbon started, or were you guys just biting ideas?

  12. oh i think i know the supercult thing you’re talking about, but i was just throwing together kinda random stuff from sailor jerry flash.

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