If it wasn’t for this tattoo, dinosaurs may still roam the Earth

There was a big update to the beta.bmezine.com recently, so I have  plenty of picking for modblog to last me a while. Unfortunately, a stomach virus got the best of me today, so one post is all I am gonna be able to knock out. Hopefully, I will wake up over this damn illness tomorrow and can get back on track.

When it comes to concepts for back pieces, this definitely ranks amongst the most original and well executed I have come across. This tattoo by Alex Vidaud of Nautilus Tattoo depicts the mass extinction of dinosaurs. They have plans of continuing the scene down his butt and to the backs of his knees with prehistoric underwater ocean.


On a side note, this piece won an award at the ’09 Paradise Tattoo Gathering.

36 thoughts on “If it wasn’t for this tattoo, dinosaurs may still roam the Earth


    kinda jealous the epicness is many times greater than my dinosaur extinction sleeve. :(

    I can’t express how much I love love love this.

  2. wow, either this person really likes dinosaurs, or they really dislike dinosaurs. either way, this tat is freaking cinematic!

  3. I’m so glad someone other than me thought it looked a bit tragic. Very well done though, even if it makes me feel a little sad.

  4. This tattoo blows my mind. Not only do I love the dinosaurs, but the upper part with stars and nebula or star cluster is just amazing!

  5. Words literally do not describe how fucking epic this backpiece is. From the space nebulas and stars at the top, to the coloring and pattern work on the skin of the dinosaurs.

    LOVE that they chose blue shading for the meteors and the amount of negative space they used at the bottom.

  6. that is badd ASSSSS will look shit after time but the dinosaurs will still look fukin awesome

  7. This piece is so far beyond epic. I’ve seen it in person, and unfortunately my favorite part didn’t transfer to the photograph too well. The triceratops in the foreground, it’s blue eye is probably the most lifelike thing I’ve ever seen on skin. I’m convinced it’s going to blink at me one of these days. The artist is amazing, and the skin belongs to one of the raddest people ever. Congrats again Jim and Alex!

  8. The expression on the poor triceratops in the foreground is the most tragic part.

  9. beta.bmezine.com is looking quite slick, first time I’ve seen it.

    I’m not sure about the navigation though – seems to me that i need to scroll through every image in a category to view the photos. On BME proper (so to speak) I don’t look at all the pictures, so this is pretty clunky.

    Also, only the first ‘page’ (ie. 6 images like on http://beta.bmezine.com/media/photo/684912/?cat=pierce/05-lips/scalp&page=1) are freely viewable. Am I missing something?

    Ace backpiece too. But is that a Brachiosaur with the head of a Diplodocus, bursting into flames?! Hehe.

  10. this piece has a personal view on creationism in biblical terms and scientology facts. religious or not this piece shows the views on the extension of the dinosaurs which roamed the earth and were killed off by a exponential powerful destructive force based on facts collected of what happened millions of years ago which i believe is true and could happen again, which could wipe out all of human kind. or a massive change in worlds atmosphere could create another major ice age as well.
    i find this tattoo to be extremely beautiful and well coloured congrats on winning a prize.

  11. Hey everyone, this is alex, I did this piece. Thank you all for the feedback on here. It’s certainly exciting to have my work be seen and appreciated. I now work at colors art space in berlin, ct. The website is http://www.pughands.com, check it out. Thanks again for the comments!

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