In Mod We Trust

Check out these awesome photos of Caitlin wearing one of the old BME shirts, “In Mod We Trust”. The photos were taken by Trillance.

This shirt isn’t available anymore but if you’re looking for BME swag, head on over to BMEshop and check out the goods.


Is there something you’d like to see BMEshop start carrying? Let us know in the comments section.  Have photos of yourself in BME gear?  Why not submit them to BME?

Check out photos of other members in BME gear in the BME T-shirt gallery.

20 thoughts on “In Mod We Trust

  1. it would be nice to see BME shop start carrying some of the more fun things like xylocaine again or some of the classic bme shirt designs

  2. I want the Zombie Girl T-shirt among many/any of the old designs. More hoodies, and most importantly bring back the dickies workshirts please!

  3. I have that shirt…I still wear it, even with the big hole in the chest lol. I’ve worn that shirt to death!

  4. i love the writing on that shirt! i would totally buy it, but only if it had a different picture. i’m canadian and it seems a little too american for my liking :)

  5. what about the “asshole bingo” shirt? this was also great:-)
    i still regret that i haven’t ordered it right away back in the days.
    shame on me!

  6. You need to bring this back! You need some new shirt designs in general but this one is a winner!

  7. I love this shirt. It’s so comfy and it’s awesome ’cause it was free :)

    Trillance is SUCH a blast to work with!

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