The simple things

HoodOrnament, originally got this punched out at 8 gauge and has managed to stretch it out to a 0 gauge.

As most of you know stretching cartilage can be quite the challenge, and tragus piercing’s often prove even more problematic to stretch than other cartilage piercings. So when I see large gauge tragus, I am truly impressed.


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  1. I’ve been on my way from 16g to 0g for almost a year now.

    I just recently pushed to 4g and am completely loving it. The look completely perplexes a lot of people when they realize it’s there. I’ve even surprised a few people with stretched lobes in to pulling the “Did that hurt?” line.

    Unfortunately, jewelry choice is so small. Kaos is the only thing that you can use double flared with without fear of not being able to get it back out, and anything else really prevents being able to use in-ear headphones properly.

    I’m still extremely jealous of the 1/2″ Tragus that was posted here once.

  2. This is fantastic!
    Looks like jade, which is a perfect companion for the exotic wood plug.
    Both look really well-pierced and healthy.
    Someone should post a link of that 1/2 inch tragus that Tobias mentioned.
    That would blow my mind. :)

  3. *envy*

    I’m stretching my tragus verrrrrrrry slowly but even still it feels as though the cartilage may have split or something. I envy all the skin he’s got around his!!! I don’t think I’ll be able to get much past 8g. But I had a tiny tragus to begin with.

  4. @beans

    The split is almost inevitable. If it happens, it happens. I can’t remember what size I split around but I can actually feel it (it’s not visible) on the sides of each tragus. Cartilage on top, then a small gap, then cartilage on bottom.

    Creepy/cool feeling actually. Delta9, who sports the 1/2 inch tragus said it snapped somewhere around 4mm/5mm for him.

  5. Loveee large gauge tragii!

    I always wanted mine large gauge, but i scarred so heavily I never attempted to stretch. Dermal punching would probably make stretching easier though.

  6. Thanks guys, It’s so hard to find jewelery that has a small enough wearing surface. Currently with the plug that is in (pyrex glass with painted/stained front) it will pretty much block my whole ear canal if I push on it. I really want to and think I can get to 00ga safely.

    Having it stretched really confuses a lot of people too, I always get asked if it’s really that big, how bad did it hurt, etc. So many people can’t believe it’s possible.

  7. That looks so elegant…

    I don’t see why you can’t get a glass piece with a short wearable custom made for it…

  8. @Rachel

    Double flares in the tragus aren’t a great choice, and anything that sticks out even a little bit (to accomodate an o-ring) takes up quite a bit of space in front of your ear canal.


    Keep us posted on 00g! I’m slowly catching up to you.

  9. Artist credit for that goes to Dan Kicinski (iam: shaman33) of Shaman’s Den ( in Binghamton, NY.

  10. Silicone is really nice for wearing a motorcycle helmet or for martial arts. If you want to wear ear plugs/buds, another option is to wear single flared plugs with an O-ring on the outside. For in-between sizes for stretching, check out cylindrical glass beads from bead stores.

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