You can never grow old and you can never die, but you must feed!

Before vampires sparkled, they were cool. They wore leather and rode motorcycles and lived in a place called Santa Carla! To the wearer of this tattoo, I salute you! This was my favourite movie when I was a kid and remains so to this day. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Max.


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Rooster of Prick Tattoos in San Antonio, Texas sent these shots in. You can see a few more pieces in the portrait tattoo gallery on BME. Here are a couple more for you.

Marco hanging upside down.


And I must end this post with the sexiest Lost Boy of them all, Dwayne.

I didn’t see any shots of David (though they may have been submitted prior to this batch) but I’m hoping we get to see more of this piece and I’d love to hear from the wearer about why they decided to pay tribute in ink to the greatest vampire film of all time.

Have a great weekend folks and hey, why not rent The Lost Boys (or if you own it like me pull it out of the dvd pile) for the sake of old times. Just don’t invite any vampires in to watch with you!

16 thoughts on “You can never grow old and you can never die, but you must feed!

  1. When can se expect some BME Tour content? I feel as though it has been a month or so.

  2. the only way to tell a true vampire fan is that they keep saying “Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle” over and over and over again continuously. works every time.

  3. Because they don’t! THEY DON’T!!!! 😉

    Sand – I don’t know, I’m not one of the tour crew. I know there is A LOT of content and that it’s being edited. That’s about all I can tell you.

  4. jen, actually according to a lot of classical vampire literature, vampires technically do sparkle i.e. david bowie in The Hunger

  5. Ah, Dwayne. Always my favourite 😉 I grew up on this movie, you can’t beat a bit of Lost Boys.

  6. Ah, Lost Boys. I still can’t get over the one line.
    ‘My blood is in your veins, Michael.’
    ‘SO IS MINE!’

    I know it was meant to be confrontational against the primary antagonist, but still. It makes me giggle a bit hearing it.

    But regardless. I share the sentiment of the previous posts. A vampire should not sparkle unless you count BURSTING INTO FLAME as sparkling.

  7. Oh my GODS, I love that movie too. It’s in my top 5 (which change order depending on the situation/genre I want) and has been up there for years.

    The art is amazing as well. Color me impressed!

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