Happy Birthday Patrick

My good friend and mentor, Patrick Bartholomew turned a ripe young 63 today. For the past several decades Patrick has been an active part of the body piercing/modification  world, and one never afraid to push the boundaries. For a good interview with him, check out this 1997 interview he did for BME.


Patrick’s not on IAM as much anymore these days, but feel free to blow up his facebook with birthday wishes!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Patrick

  1. 21 again patrick!

    i do hope you’re well. missing you, please come see us in the wilds of the north again soon!

    much love
    Kim xxx

  2. Oh shi* back in -97 he had done about 36 000 piercings? And he avarages about 4k piercings a year? If he’s still going on today witch I hope he does, he would be up at 88 000 piercings, gosh

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