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I know everyone has been wondering what’s been going on with the BME tour so here it goes! First I wanted to thank H2Ocean and Industrial Strength for helping make the tour possible and supporting BME.

Our schedule started to get a little haywire somewhere along the third or fourth week of the tour.  It started off with a never ending erupting volcano which soured travel plans, then some political unrest, economic instability causing more political unrest, being hospitalized and then coming home with an awesome case of pneumonia,  and so many more “little things” we had to take a break. Richard has been working his butt off  editing up a storm. I’m glad to announce that things are coming along well and we should be able to start uploading and posting videos in the next week from our time in Australia and New Zealand. With over 60+ Australian and New Zealand tattooers, piercers and body modification artists already interviewed, we are well on our way to a great start with what I originally intended to do with the tour project. I hope you enjoy the tour preview video that Richard put together and I can’t wait to start posting more videos!

I really want to thank Richard, Chez, Darah and Megan for joining me on the Australian & New Zealand leg of the tour and for all the work they put into the 5 weeks we were out on the road. As I said before, I can’t wait till we start publishing the interviews that we’ve done to date and I look forward to getting out on the road again and seeing what else the Body Modification Community has to offer in the rest of the world!

67 thoughts on “BMEtv – Trailer!

  1. WHAT’S UP DARWIN? Ha ha! And way to spell my name wrong! :P

    I can’t WAIT to see some of these videos, this is a who’s who of Aussie bodymod! Super excitement abounds!

  2. Id watch it, but im too lazy to download quicktime. I’m sure ill get around to it eventually.

  3. I reckon drag the crazy Bondi lady to LA and have a crazy McShady dance party.
    Now that would be amazing.

    P.s. love your work Rachel, Chez, Darah, Meg and Rich.

  4. awesome! It looks like you spoke to just about every awesome artist in australia. Can’t wait to see more video!

  5. Hahaha! The McShady Dance Parties!!! I feel so proud that they carried on across the world! <3 There can never be enough dance parties…or bacon cookies. Just sayin’.

    This turned out so well. I’m so excited for the videos to come!

  6. its was great having you out this way:) awesome BBQ @ bondi and joeltron is alway a treat ;)

  7. “you know your watching BMETV when some body says ‘I’ve ONLY got a transscrotal’…

    ahaha that made me laugh….good job guys *thumbs up*…and I just joked with a friend while watching this…thats its deifnately BME when a tattooed ass is there :p

  8. Congratulations. Notice how nice the Gold Coast weather was? Seriously some great work there. Some very tight and brilliant editing that keeps the viewers attention. I know how much work would have gone into just that brief teaser. Well done to the team

  9. Pauly7 – It doesn’t autoplay on my browser. Maybe it’s a setting on your browser that makes it autoplay?

  10. Lady Gaga turned up at top volume will forever be my antidote for incessant, screaming children on planes. This video is wicked. Gah, so many wonderful memories of so many wonderful people!!

  11. Obviously, lens flare, under-exposure, lo/no contrast and little or no depth of field in many of the images mean nothing to your documentary crew. Sad that you paying to travel the globe, but didn’t get a decent lighting package.

  12. JD – Do you have $100,000 to contibute and maybe they could add a sound tech, lighting tech, additional camera person, make up artist, private security personnel and maybe a private jet to carry all the extra weight? Unless you have a huge budget it is all about producing a professional result with some compromise. Personally I reckon they are doing a great job with what they have. Sorry now back to your Hollywood studio

  13. RE: Autoplay – The video is set to NOT auto play. This is a browser related issue as you can verify in the source code the following: autoplay=”false”.

    JD: The clips in the trailer were shot on a variety of cameras and in many many different settings. Lighting can’t always be perfect. ONE lens flare from a shot on a tiny hand held flip cam pointing directly into the sun over the course of 5 weeks of shooting really isn’t something to complain about. Some shots are in the dark on our point and shoot cameras and most of the video in the trailer are from our hand held “behind the scenes” flip cams. The trailer is about the trip as a whole.

    We’re a grass roots group of body modification enthusiasts going out to interview amazing artists from around the world, not a high budget documentary production crew.

  14. Lori: Sorry I didn’t catch the name thing on the first preview of the video before I uploaded it. It’s been corrected and a new video is in place! :)

  15. Looks really good! cant fucking wait for the real thing to arrive!! :P
    BME 4 Life

  16. I’m with JD. Rachel why don’t you take over another one of the former owners projects and try to finish Uvatiarru? Thats one BME movie I’d like to finally see done.

  17. haha, love the crazy bondi lady :D and my daughter is in it!!! :D nice work Rachel and team :)

  18. It will be interesting to see some of the full interviews, or at least i hope you have something more interesting than people dancing..

  19. My browser is IE8 – and the video auto-plays on it. Any chance you could put the video (and future videos) behind a ‘click through’ so that we don’t get a blast of music whenever opening Mod Blog? Many thanks :-)

  20. Jonnybutts: Nothing was ever really shot for Uvatiarru. There was just some footage of Jason and Clive (and possibly Marty). I’m more interested in finishing the project I’ve started.

    Lena: This is called a “trailer” for a reason. It’s clips from the interviews showing some of the people that we interviewed and the behind the scenes shots from our time in Australia to show more of what we did while we were there.

    Mrs Penguin: I’ll hopefully be able to figure out something with the auto-play. It doesn’t auto play for me and if I put the videos behind a jump then less people will watch the video. I’ll try to figure something out though.

  21. hey!!! you have to como to barcelona spain!!!! just let me know it!!!!!!!


  22. Whoever edited this did an awesome job.

    The “I *ONLY* have a transcrotal” part made me laugh, as did each time the showed Rachel fucking up the date from exhaustion. Keep going, definitely.

  23. Bondi Lady. Now that memory is burned into my retinas, but for memory her sidekicks did a pretty good job of impersonating her… :P

  24. Tobias: You have no idea how many times I screwed up the dates. I’m sure Richard could put together a 4 minute video of just that! I think you can see how tired I was by the end of the day in the shot right after when I asked if I had cupcake in my teeth. I’d been up since 8am to get from Trevor’s house in the suburbs to an interview with a news paper in downtown Melbourne and then traveling by cab, bus and train to Adam’s shop. You can see it’s pretty late at night.

    It’s definitely been worth it. I’m really excited about the filming that we’re doing over the next 17 days here in Japan. We have 2-3 shops booked every day with no days off because of the tight scheduling of the trip. It got cut short and pushed back because I have pneumonia. I couldn’t cancel the trip because my contact here got us in with EVERYONE and it’s such an honor. If I canceled, even though I’m sick, it would be very disrespectful so I have to soldier through it. Like I said though, it’s definitely worth it because we’re going to get to meet so many amazing Japanese tattooers, piercers and body modification artists that we haven’t really featured on BME before because of the language barrier.

  25. I’d be keen to see something from the New Zealand part of the tour. I was big into this community a few years back (was BMEAotearoa steady reppin’) , and all though I don’t participate any longer, I still keep an eye on it from time to time. Looks like some interesting things are afoot. :)

  26. @Rachel

    The work and lack of sleep is definitely appreciated. If you guys make it through the states and to Florida I’ll be sure to pop by.

  27. looking real good. super professional. can’t wait to see the rest. good work!!

  28. I seriously get goosebumps every time I watch this. I’m so proud to have been apart of this project and I am even more proud of our team! Thanks Rachel and BME for putting this tour together and I can’t wait to see more of our hard work get published!

  29. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the video? A blank space appears where the video should be… youtube link or other source pls?

  30. What size are the dudes lobes at the start? his are amazing!
    and what jewellery is he wearing anybody?
    his eyeball tattoos are so nice

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  32. Great video! Very Funny! Greetings from Puerto Rico! BTW, wtf that lady rubbing her junk while exercising?

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