Beauty has her way

I’m not ashamed to say that when I came across this photo, this beautiful woman actually took my breath away. She is absolutely stunning. UndoingEverything has credited James of Body Electric Tattoo though she didn’t specify whether he did all of her piercings or something in particular in the photo.  Her piercings really work well and are very aesthetically pleasing.  I think this is a good example of body modification really enhancing someone’s appearance.  (I may also have a slight girl crush, it’s hard to say.)


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25 thoughts on “Beauty has her way

  1. she is stunning. though, on her big lips i’d prefer a vertical labret to the CBR.

  2. is thta ‘CopperWire’ who used to reside around Boston?

    if not, somebody better get them together for a hell of a photo-shoot!

  3. If you think she looks beautiful in that photo, you should see her without clothes on. She’s amazing and she’s a demon in the sack!

  4. Def not copper wire. I go by a different name nowadays. But good lord this is a beautiful gal! Stunning. I want to see more of you on this here website!

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